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The Book on Ending Homelessness cover

The Book on Ending Homelessness


The Book on Ending Homelessness provides insights for those in the industry, elected officials, policy makers, funders, public servants and the general public on the best ways to move from managing homelessness to ending homelessness. While ending homelessness may seem to be a whacky or even preposterous idea, Iain De Jong takes more than two decades of experience as an award winning industry leader to lay out how and why homelessness can be ended in very practical ways. This book will provoke ...

Tomatoes and Potatoes cover

Tomatoes and Potatoes


Peter is a farmer who grows tomatoes. Paul is a farmer who grows potatoes. Peter and Paul work hard and trade with their neighbours for what they need. Life is good. When Jethro comes, he asks them to grow more and more tomatoes and potatoes. The people in the city love Peter’s tomatoes and Paul’s potatoes. But they want so many tomatoes and potatoes that Peter and Paul struggle to keep up. Their little farms can’t handle growing the tomatoes and potatoes the city people need. What will happen ...

Joshua Wonders: What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With My Teeth? cover

Joshua Wonders: What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With My Teeth?


‘Joshua Wonders’ was born out of a visit of the author with her grandson Joshua. She re-tells Joshua’s curiosity questionings. Having lost his first tooth, Joshua’s preoccupation with what the tooth fairy could possibly do with his tooth launched him into a journey of images and fascinations not yet explored by humankind!

On Cold Iron cover

On Cold Iron

A Story of Hubris and the 1907 Quebec Bridge Collapse by

When engineering students in Canada are soon to graduate, the solemn “Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer,” penned by none other than Rudyard Kipling, charges them with their Obligation to high standards, humility, and ethics. Each budding engineer then receives an Iron Ring to be worn on the small finger of the working hand as a reminder throughout their career. Through the story of the 1907 Quebec Bridge disaster, in which seventy-six men died, author Dan Levert teaches a powerful object ...

The Fifth Needle cover

The Fifth Needle


In a secret Biosafety Level-4 research lab in Austin, Texas, Dr. Philip Burris is genetically modifying mosquitoes to passively inoculate humans against malaria in a large-scale vaccination trial. Using cutting-edge CRISPR technology, the mutated mosquitoes are designed to glow green when infected, but now are behaving with unusual aggression. When a young research assistant goes missing, his friend and co-worker Jen McRae suspects a more sinister plan behind her company’s noble work. ...

The Girl from No. 6 cover

The Girl from No. 6

Based on a True Story by

In the late 1920s, Stalin was determined to turn Russia into a “Soviet Paradise”. For thousands of Russian Mennonites that meant exorbitant taxes, arrest, forced labour, losing their farms and businesses, and even losing their lives. With their faith in God and little else, Nikolai and Kaethe Penner fled for their lives with their toddler Maria, praying to find a way to leave Russia alive. Later joined by Kaethe’s parents and her brother, the two families set off on a journey that ultimately ...

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots cover

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots

Flippin N Dippin by

This book is about bettering your odds on playing High Limit Slot Machines. There is a myth that you can't make money on slot machines. However, over the years through trial and error, I have discovered a system that has been working for me over several years that has helped me produce almost a million dollars in hand pay jackpots. A system that I have expressively shared in this informational guide. All this information is based on my own personal gambling experiences in various casinos' ...

Legacy for the Living cover

Legacy for the Living


Those who roam alone are hopeless, and those who stand together have a chance. Two brothers must learn this lesson quickly if they hope to see adulthood. Ranvir and Abbot are completely alone to face the horrors of the new world. In this reality, fear is always present, and death lurks in every shadow. Life as they both once knew it will never be the same. Within their short lives, global destruction has been achieved and now they must travel northward…or die. Reaching a safe haven is the only ...

Small Windows cover

Small Windows


Small Windows is a collection of flash science fiction stories that provide glimpses into various states of the human condition on far-flung planets and in different times. Each tale is a brief exploration of what it means to experience life—an assortment of tiny moments captured from across the cosmos that underline the commonality of the emotions we all share, whether human, silicate, android, alien, or animal. The stories in this book offer a playful look at first contact, fear, loneliness, ...

Love, the Drug cover

Love, the Drug

From the Trap of Addiction to the Freedom of Recovery by

This in-depth examination of the impact of Love, the Drug: From the Trap of Addiction to the Freedom of Recovery, follows Addiction is Addiction (2015) and Addiction is Addiction Workbook (2018). Viewed from the perspective of Addiction as a primary, chronic brain disease that impacts all parts of a person’s life, Love, the Drug delves into many of the underlying issues in people’s lives and relationships. These are part of the obsessive, compulsive disease of Addiction, in addition to ...