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We Are Starving cover

We Are Starving

The Peaceful Warrior Chess Phenomenon by

There are two ways to be starving. One is to be lacking food. The other is to go without love, respect, recognition, support, and someone to care for and challenge you. When Danny McDermott came to Harriet Tubman School in Chicago as a teacher in 1994, he encountered children who were hungry for all these things. Coming from a background of teaching in privileged schools, he felt at a loss as to how to reach the students in his inner-city sixth-grade class. That is, until he reached into his ...

The Resolution cover

The Resolution


Ron Lee is known for his New Year’s resolutions, but as midnight approaches on New Year’s Eve, 2014, he’s coming up dry. Then, in a burst of alcohol-infused genius, it comes to him: a way to satisfy both his compulsion to keep resolutions and his unquenchable lust for Brandi, his beautiful wife of twenty years. He resolves to make love to her every day of 2015. Brandi has her doubts, but soon adapts to the resolution with relish...and then some. Ron, on the other hand, discovers he’s woefully ...

Return to Odessa cover

Return to Odessa


A Mennonite baby named Raisa Friedrichsen is born as her mother dies in Blumenau, Ukraine: one of the last villages established in the historic Molotschna Colony. Her father, only sixteen years old, leaves Raisa to be raised by her grandparents, taking on the role of her brother. With schoolyard bullies harassing her with the truth, Raisa now known as Christina, finally leaves home to find a new life in Odessa. Befriended by a Russian officer who falls in love with her street singing, Christina ...

Enacting Alberta School Leaders' Professional Practice Competencies cover

Enacting Alberta School Leaders' Professional Practice Competencies

A Toolkit by

This book captures the lived experiences of school principals engaged in meeting the standards of practice inherent in the Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders in Alberta. These principals tell their own stories of how they meet the competencies mandate of building relationships, establishing and living a school vision, leading a learning community, providing instructional leadership, developing leadership in others, managing the organization, and responding to the societal ...

Alone in a Crowd cover

Alone in a Crowd

A Story of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse's Struggles with Bulimia and Mental Wellness by

Always seemingly happy and talkative, the author shares the darkest secrets of her sixteen-year battle with an eating disorder. Hiding her insecurities “behind the mask” of a seemingly perfect life, Andrea struggles to be present in the moment even when surrounded by family and friends. Every moment, of each day, her thoughts and energy are consumed by body image concerns, distorted thoughts around food, and other mental health issues. Andrea often finds herself feeling “Alone in a Crowd” ...

Full of Grace cover

Full of Grace

Book 6 of The Grace Sextet by

She was dying to give away six million dollars. That should be easy, right? It almost got her killed. Returning to the USA in 1967 after thirty-seven years of self-imposed exile in France, Grace Bergmann, nee Lampley, wants to make amends for her sins by returning the money she stole, plus interest. In her efforts to do that, she discovers that her sins were far worse than she had supposed. How could that be? Her good reasons for stealing two million dollars turn out to have been based on lies ...

Wiki vs NWO (New World Order) cover

Wiki vs NWO (New World Order)

Moving to Collaboration from Domination by

Most people shun the word conspiracy. The media has made it seem like all conspiracies are theories and that anyone who discusses them is a tinfoil hat. Yet anyone who has studied history or business knows that conspiracies are a part of the human experience. Once we realize this, the question arises: what conspiracies are occurring in our time that are significant? What perceptions of the world do we hold that are incorrect? Western civilization, although technologically advanced beyond the ...

Monsters Of Medicine cover

Monsters Of Medicine

The Lives Of Five Serial Killer Physicians: Is There A Common Thread? by

Medical training gave them the skills . . . Unfortunately evidence suggests that the medical profession is responsible for more serial killers then all other professions combined. Why is this so? Monsters of medicine chronicles the lives of five serial killer physicians in an effort to find a common thread in their lives. The author believes there is evidence to support that these doctors were all pathologic narcissists. Childhood abuse was present in all their lives. Medical training gave them ...

¡Mis Actividades Favoritas! cover

¡Mis Actividades Favoritas!

En Casa by

Children love to learn when what they are learning relates to their favorite activities. Imagine them talking about what they like to do in SPANISH! They will soon be using the phrase ME GUSTA to express everything that they like. With this book, you will be able to guide children in how to speak in Spanish about activities that they enjoy doing in their most familiar place - their home. Identifying vocabulary words related to each activity and counting different objects on each page in Spanish ...

The Soul of Place  cover

The Soul of Place

Re-imagining Leadership Through Nature, Art and Community by

In The Soul of Place Michael Jones explores how our relationship with place aligns us with the underlying patterns of life. He does so through stories that ask: what is our experience of homecoming and how do we find our way there? What is our pattern of belonging — including our relationship with people and places — that we hold sacred? What are the conditions of regenerativity and craft that enable us to give birth to something new? How can our stewardship of what is alive within and around ...