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The Don of Siracusa cover

The Don of Siracusa


Stefano Caruso always does things the right way. With a grandfather who was forced to flee the venal Sicilian mafia and start life anew in America, Stefano now heads the corporation his father and grandfather built. Handsome and successful, he’s on top of the world…until one day he has an unexpected visitor and gets shocking news. Stefano is being cheated and lied to, and the company his family built from the ground up is in mortal jeopardy. That’s when Benito Cuggi, the face of the modern-day ...

Ev'ry Flow'r Can Burn cover

Ev'ry Flow'r Can Burn


In panicked search of a magical herb to save her cancer-stricken sister, Emmi, 18, goes on a perilous quest and falls into a magical, underground kingdom. With the help of a handsome, young immortal named Scott, she begins to travel through this strange, new world in search of the herb. But just when she’s feeling she’s made many friends, the people she has come to trust bizarrely turn against her. And just to top off the weirdness factor, she discovers that her sister is now a ghost. Now, Emmi ...

Trailblazer by Grace: Educational Pursuit cover

Trailblazer by Grace: Educational Pursuit

An Autobiography by

Growing up, Basil understood two principles early on – he was not physically or mentally suited to the drudgery that he saw throughout his village, and education could offer him a way out of his situation. After this early realization, young Basil relied on his Christian faith and hard work to successfully develop his intellectual talents and to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. In many cases, each opportunity did not immediately come with the funds to support it. ...

The Mystery of The Jeweled Case cover

The Mystery of The Jeweled Case

The Tales of Macaroni McDuffy Super Sleuth Series, Book 2 by

In her first adventure, 10-year-old Macaroni McDuffy helped save Snowy, her friend Anisha’s dog. But now Macaroni can’t get something out of her head: She’s seen a man on the elevator, carrying a jeweled case just like Mrs. Smith’s — but Mrs. Smith is nowhere to be found! When Anisha’s music box goes missing, Macaroni finds she has two cases to solve. Who is this strange man? What happened to Anisha’s music box? And can Macaroni find the culprit without abandoning her volunteer job at the ...

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots cover

How to win BIG and Make Money on High Limit Slots

Flippin N Dippin by

This book is about bettering your odds on playing High Limit Slot Machines. There is a myth that you can't make money on slot machines. However, over the years through trial and error, I have discovered a system that has been working for me over several years that has helped me produce almost a million dollars in hand pay jackpots. A system that I have expressively shared in this informational guide. All this information is based on my own personal gambling experiences in various casinos' ...

A Knapsack Full of Dreams cover

A Knapsack Full of Dreams

Memoirs of a Street Nurse by

"My nurse hands once did more useful things. They immunized the fat, healthy thighs of infants, they carefully measured cardiac drugs to administer to young heart patients, they bathed both the elderly lady after her surgery and the 24-year-old Italian-Canadian woman after her death. My hands once mixed linseed poultices, rubbed twenty backs a night before darkness fell and, by flashlight, checked intravenous drips, catheters, and other tubing. They made hot milk in the middle of the night and ...

The Birds Still Sing cover

The Birds Still Sing

My Journey of Resilience Through Postpartum Depression by

The Birds Still Sing: My Journey of Resilience Through Postpartum Depression is an invaluable and inspiring read for anyone who is struggling to re-discover meaning and purpose in life after a devastating experience. Readers will be riveted by the bold, real-life account of a young mother who plunges into the depths of darkness and emerges as a stronger, more grounded person. Although the story focuses on postpartum depression, this is a book that will resonate with any readers who have ...

Be There. cover

Be There.

With 7 Skills Critical for Working (and Living) in the Digital Age by

Skillpod is an executive skills coaching program that helps you build, demonstrate and articulate seven skills critical for working and living in the digital age. In order to be competitive and thrive in our emerging economy, we need to be better thinkers, learners and communicators. Skillpod helps you prepare for employment, self-employment or advance in your career by helping you hone and share your own, unique, soft skills required for our entrepreneurial and digital economy. Benefits of ...

Neverborn cover



Did you ever have a period of time in your life when the whole world crashed in on you? Rachael, the principal character in this book had such a time; an entire year of tragic events piled one upon the other. She finds strength and reassurance from the imagined voices of her never-born children. Her path leads her to write about relentless attacks on her spirit. Along the way she seeks solace from reading about others who have experienced similar loss. Rachael’s family and friends join her on ...

Fred Lodge's Diaries cover

Fred Lodge's Diaries

A Quiet Man's Journey Through Hell by

The wartime diaries of Fred Lodge underscore his perilous passage through World War 2 including the Dieppe Raid and three years as a POW in Germany. Fred was a quiet, kind, considerate and courageous young Canadian who trained in Canada as an infantry soldier; practiced his military skills in England; waded onshore at Pourville, France on August 19th, 1942; survived intense German gunfire; saw his buddies killed, maimed, indeed slaughtered. Somehow he survived that awful day at Dieppe and was ...