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The Book on Ending Homelessness cover

The Book on Ending Homelessness


The Book on Ending Homelessness provides insights for those in the industry, elected officials, policy makers, funders, public servants and the general public on the best ways to move from managing homelessness to ending homelessness. While ending homelessness may seem to be a whacky or even preposterous idea, Iain De Jong takes more than two decades of experience as an award winning industry leader to lay out how and why homelessness can be ended in very practical ways. This book will provoke ...

The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing cover

The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing


Experience the action packed adventures of Chen Sing, a teenage boy from China, who ventures far across the world to help build the transcontinental railway through the rugged Rocky Mountains. Natural disasters, wild animals and unforeseen events together with the seemingly endless mountains of rock are among the obstacles that stand in the way of Chen Sing and his railroad crew as they bravely forge ahead on their quest to complete the railway.

Walking Them Home cover

Walking Them Home

A Soldier’s Journey in Postwar Rwanda by

In July of 1994, Leading Seaman Derrick Nearing, a military medic, is urgently deployed to Rwanda, a country he has never heard of, sent on a mission halfway around the world that will colour the rest of his life. In the previous months, Rwanda has lost forty percent of its seven million people, either murdered or fleeing for their lives to neighboring countries to escape the Interahamwe genocide. The mission for Derrick and his fellow soldiers is simple: to help the reconnaissance team secure ...

Amadi Oha cover

Amadi Oha

"The God of Thunder" by

Do you ever wonder why natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and other violent acts persist in the Western world? Amadi Oha knows why! According to Amadi Oha, the African God of Thunder, these calamities on the West are retribution for the wrong-doings cast on Africa during the slave trade. And the gods are still angry. Through African folktales and mythology, and the magic of dreams, Amadi Oha! The God of Thunder explores a time that devastated the people of Africa. A ...

Pearls, Pills and Vodka cover

Pearls, Pills and Vodka


Have you slipped on anything lately? Better be careful, you might end up in a retirement community! That’s what happened to Amanda after she slipped on black ice. Her move to Sunny Meadow Retirement Home is smooth enough, and her life continues in a predictable pattern, but this selection of short stories shakes up the perceptions that we might have of retirees and their lives. Who knew that there are gigolos who cater to elderly ladies or that seniors enjoy a bit of intimacy in the afternoon? ...

Jaggy Nettles cover

Jaggy Nettles

An Immigrant's Memoir by

The Scots refer to thistles and other stinging plants as “jaggy nettles:” things we can’t help but step on or brush up against sometimes, even when we’re watching where we’re going. Fay (Hawson) Copland has had her fair share of stings over the years, but the love of her family has acted as a soothing balm that always got her through. A sequel to Skint Knees – Reflections on a Scottish Childhood, which focused (as its name implies) on the author’s early years in Scotland, Jaggy Nettles – An ...

Delilah Finds a Friend cover

Delilah Finds a Friend


Petunia is a chicken who is struggling to make friends. Every time she approaches the popular chickens in her coop, she’s sent flying. All of the clucks in the barnyard cliques exclude this newcomer, and it makes her very sad indeed. Then one day, Petunia meets a chicken named Delilah. Delilah has a different point of view. She tells Petunia that the cliques she’s trying to crack are being hard-shelled because they think they’re better than she is. But as it turns out, Delilah and Petunia are ...

Ajooni Loves Cake cover

Ajooni Loves Cake


AJOONI LOVES CAKE is a story about a young girl named Ajooni who absolutely loves cake! She loves cake so much that she eats a different flavored cake every single day of the week! There is only one problem ... Ajooni hates baking! Finally, after a week of eating delicious cakes baked for her by her Mom, Dad, Grandparents and three Brothers (Ishaan, Zoraav and Niyaam), Ajooni learns a ‘sweet’ little lesson about selfishness and cooperation.

Poetic Passages cover

Poetic Passages


An assortment of uniquely written poems to inspire, encourage and delight the heart. Visually carrying you to a place of sincere profoundness. "Sweet to the ear are the melodies sung in synchronicity- The constant flow.. Of waters below bring tranquility. The eyes captivate all beauty in fine array- Intricately placed for night and day. Intoxicating are the aromas of summer's bloom....."

Sometimes it's Hard to be Me cover

Sometimes it's Hard to be Me

A Child's Struggle with Change by

Today is going to be a lopsided day… Do you wear special pajamas on weekends? Does your breakfast food start with the same letter as the day of the week? Does it bother you to look at crooked pictures, work with someone unfamiliar, learn in a new space, or have your day turn out differently than you planned? What if a book is placed out of order, or someone else uses your spot? For most of us, changes in routine are easy. But for others, the day can stretch out like chewed up bubble gum… The ...