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A Dreamer's Life cover

A Dreamer's Life

Love, Loss and Winning the Lotto by

Her future was a bright, open road. Colleen Dollimont was the valedictorian of her high school class in the small town of St. Alban’s, Newfoundland. She headed off to university in St. John’s, filled with excitement and cheerful anticipation. Then fate stepped in. As she struggled with an unexpected pregnancy, poverty and a desperately unhappy marriage, she kept some of her dreams intact and fought her way back to a different future, grounded in courage and resilience. Along the way she was ...

Give That Child A Mouth cover

Give That Child A Mouth


Give That Child A Mouth is a powerful piece of children's literature. It utilizes the routine thread of loose rhyme to create a written work of embroidery that is absolutely captivating! This exciting read teaches a lesson to children - it's okay to tell someone when you are hurting. Meet Little Freddy: Little Freddy is forever running away in tears, and without a voice for years, trying to escape a mysterious character named Mouthy. But Mouthy has something that could change Little Freddy's ...

No One Owns A  Tree cover

No One Owns A Tree


One sunny summer morning Ryder heads to his tree house as he starts to climb the ladder he heard loud scratching sounds what could it be? Who or what is in his tree house come down he shouted this is my tree!! All of a sudden things grew quiet then there was a explosion of hooting and laughter Ryder thought to himself how would he ever get his treehouse back from what ever strange thing had moved in.

The Irreducible Primary cover

The Irreducible Primary

A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition by

An active cognizance of our influence on the big-picture flow of creation, in which we all participate, is the responsibility of every human being. It is only through this effort that we can understand those spiritual competencies that are most relevant to the critical cause-and-effect interactions that have the most sway over our existence. So too is it incumbent on humans to embrace the concept of unconditional love, and to understand why we alone get to take the journey toward it. It is only ...

Breaking cover


Without Darkness There Is No Light by

The recollection of a two year old girl’s first memory that will take you on a journey of Love, hate, fear, passion, anger, failure, rejection, and shame. YET, the small windows of success, joy, laughter and brief moments of freedom pass through the storm until the “Breaking”! The story – A mindset shatters and the compass is reset

When the Rabbit Jumps cover

When the Rabbit Jumps


Why do some of us, despite our own trying circumstances, go out of our way to help others, while most people ignore the plight of strangers? Quite often, these actions simply cannot be explained. That’s the question Jarrod Wakefield—a fugitive from justice—asks himself the night he meets Lucas, a troubled youth on the run from yet another bad group home placement. After Jarrod rescues Lucas from a close call with the law, the two develop an unlikely friendship and decide to travel together ...

The Fenian Season cover

The Fenian Season

A Canadian Historical Thriller by

This fast paced historical thriller takes place against the background of a rising Fenian movement in the United States and the overt hostility of Washington toward the ‘Canadas’ immediately after the American Civil War. The Fenian Brotherhood was dedicated to the freeing of Ireland from ‘British tyranny’. Conquering Britain’s holdings in North America (and coincidently preventing Confederation) was their aim. A Canadian agent in Buffalo uncovers a Fenian plot against the ‘life and liberties’ ...

Dream Reaper cover

Dream Reaper


Seventeen year old Cauldra Cole always records her dreams. She has volumes of journals filled with encounters with a personal demon who is completely attached. Though, she doesn't find him to be a real problem. Now there is a new constant in her dreams that is concerning. She has attracted the attention of a sandman with big plans for her, and he isn't the only one.

Yoga as Origami cover

Yoga as Origami

Themes from Katonah Yoga by

The practices of the body hold the power to transform the habits of the mind. Understanding the body’s fundamental proportions, folds, and fits is the key to establishing a safe and effective yoga practice and achieving optimal health and well-being. Katonah Yoga, a type of Hatha yoga developed by Nevine Michaan, combines Daoist concepts with sacred geometries and the archetypal measurements of the human body. Like origami, postures are both a precise geometric puzzle and a disciplined creative ...

You Can't See My Scars cover

You Can't See My Scars

A Story of Thriving During the Impossible and Living Life to the Fullest by

At thirty-seven years old, Darren Cosentino is fit and healthy, with a busy social life and a successful career. Returning from a holiday in Mexico with his wife, Sara, he develops stomach pains and heads to the hospital with what seems to be a case of severe constipation. He is diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and given six months to live. In this true story, Darren’s diagnosis changes his life, but he doesn’t let it stop him from living. He becomes an empowered and involved patient, ...