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  • Good Food - Your go to Guide


    GOOD FOOD - Your Go-To Guide Healthy nutrition information How to shop, store and prepare GOOD FOOD How to plan weekly menus plus a one day cooking plan Herb and spices to flavour your meals Tips on healthier eating out Vegetarian and vegan ...

  • Fire & Whiskey


    for four seasons i endured it twelve months where it was all i knew a year of burning aching drinking and hurting of fire and whiskey; and now i give what's left to you

  • Coastal Navigation

    for Class and Home Study by

    Coastal Navigation for Class and Home Study is based on the notes prepared for students by the author during some 20 years of teaching navigation, initially to private or commercial pilots, and then to sailors and professional mariners. The book is ...

  • My Language Vacation Adventures


    Pack your suitcase and your school bag—it’s time to take a language vacation! Drawing on the author’s personal experiences in language schools and written in a highly accessible style, My Language Vacation Adventures takes you on an enriching tour ...

  • Japanese Ghost in America


    Jimmy, an introspective and world-traveled social studies teacher, lives a quiet life working in a Minnesota high school. Having lived in Japan for several decades—a country that he considers his second home—he is caught off-guard by the ancient and ...

  • Unchagah

    Life by the Upper Peace River before the Dams, 1928 – 1932” by

    In 1928 Henry Stott, accompanied by his younger brother Tom, set sail from England to Canada. He left behind a comfortable life in England and an education in classics to spend five years living in the remote Upper Peace River country of British ...

  • Thank You Father God For Christmas


    The way to make Christmas a truly special time is to keep our focus on the Reason for the Season: the birth of Jesus Christ. With Jesus in our life we may have His peace, joy and love every day. Then the Spirit of Christmas can be with us all year.

  • Light of the Darkness


    Light of the Darkness is the remarkable, adventure-packed story of a woman on a journey dimmed by shadows at every step. Already a survivor of a great deal when we meet her at the novel’s launch, Lux is a Lorean of mixed origins who is also a ...

  • My New Friend, Squatchette

    A True Story as Told to Robert E. Wood by

    Here is a story of human kindness and love that reaches across every last point of difference there is. My New Friend, Squatchette tells the tale of a little girl, Xylina, who lives in a beautiful part of the world with her grandfather. In this lush ...

  • Hot Tub Spaceship

    Irradiated Thoughts on God, Life, and $#*! like that by

    This is the story of a guy trying to find his way through some tough years, one page at a time. These are the irradiated thoughts of a doubter trying to find some humour and meaning in the midst of a health crisis, a spiritual crisis, and an ...