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  • Fighting for Democracy

    The True Story of Jim Higgins (1907-1982), A Canadian Activist in Spain’s Civil War by

    Jim Higgins defied Canadian law to fight for democracy in the Spanish Civil War. On return, he was branded a communist, hounded by the RCMP, and welcomed by Lincoln Battalion comrades when he sought refuge in New York. Jim was born in London in ...

  • Surviving Corruption


    This book tells of the experiences of a boy from age four, to an old man who went through life making decisions in his world of corruption. His choices, often fuelled by adrenaline did not affect his ability to fly under the radar of his employers ...

  • Head of the Hyena

    Volume 3 by

    Head of the Hyena is the stirring account of a young man’s life-altering experience teaching in the isolated community of Wikondiek. He is joined there by Sabina, a beautiful and strong-willed young woman who is offered a position in the village ...

  • It's Odd, The Things One Remembers


    'It's Odd, The Thing's One Remembers' traces the life of Nina Ann Bentley (later Nina Ann Smith) from an idyllic childhood in 1920s England, through her service in the Royal Air Force during World War II, and on into the far more challenging decades ...

  • I Wore It With Pride


    This book is my true story. A story of a child born to an unemployed Puerto Rican musician and a feisty Puerto Rican woman who migrated to New York City in her early twenties (1946) from a small town in Puerto Rico called Fajardo. Dad was born in ...

  • Enemy Under Our Roof

    A Childhood Memoir from the Nazi-occupied Netherlands 1940 - 1945 by

    Riveting, inspiring, and informative, Johanna’s often graphic memoir, Enemy under Our Roof, is based on the author’s experiences in war-torn Hengelo, the Netherlands in World War II. From nights of terror spent in the cellar during air raids to the ...

  • Truly UnFamous

    Tales from the Glory Days of Canadian Rock by

    AFTER GETTING A JOB AS A BARTENDER at a small Montreal Rock bar, Keith soon found himself working a Doors’ concert at the Montreal Forum. His job was to carry a very inebriated but stoic Jim Morrison back and forth between the stage and dressing ...

  • Somebody Shot Your Boat

    Memories of eleven years living with and working for First Nations and Metis people by

    Somebody Shot Your Boat is a rare first-hand account of living and working in Indigenous Canadian communities as part of a minority Caucasian population. Doreen Guilloux, and her husband, Jim, first began their journey with First Nations and Metis ...

  • Go North Young Man, Go North!


    We all have a story to tell.….this is mine! A coming of age during a time of social change in the 50's and 60's. A story of discovery and adventure, good choices and bad, laughter and sorrow, temptation and failure; From fist fights to fiddle ...