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  • A Tremor Through Time

    Recollections from a Northern Ontario Childhood by

    Tragic Coincidence A baby dies in a car accident on the way to a memorial mass, fifteen years to the day after the mining accident that took the life of his grandfather. This tragic coincidence set the stage for the author’s birth a year later. A ...

  • Live Well Between Your Ears

    Get Your Head Around The Craziness by

    Do you struggle to maintain good health? Are you tired of the onslaught of new technology invading your life? Do you long for the simplicity of the good old days? Are you troubled by social unrest in the world? And, perhaps most importantly, has the ...

  • "Silently Weeping"

    A story of burn survival, rape and abuse by

    “YOUR PAST CAN CONTROL YOUR FUTURE IF YOU LET IT. OR YOU CAN MOVE AWAY FROM IT.” On May 23, 1961, seven-year-old Deborah Blaney Ward stood on a chair in front of her stove to retrieve some sugar from the shelf – she didn’t know the stove was on, ...

  • An Abnormally Normal Childhood


    First in a multivolume memoir, An Abnormally Normal Childhood follows John Case from birth to the age of eighteen, regaling readers with the details of his deeds and misadventures. While he grew up in a time of depression and war, John was largely ...

  • Unwinding Graves


    At just over four pounds at birth, and hovering near a hundred pounds as a young adult, all her life Laurie was tiny yet fierce. Growing up in a large family, often without a fixed address, childhood was an adventure for Laurie. With no choice but ...

  • Russia

    A Journey to the Arctic by

    In 1994 Larry Ritco was given the opportunity to travel to northern Russia just inside the Arctic Circle on an engineering assignment for a Gazprom gas pipeline project. On the shores of Baydaratskaya Bay at a remote Siberian weather station, Larry ...

  • Shattering the Glass Heart

    Finding the Magic of Possibilities After Trauma and Loss by

    This moving account of loss, grief, healing, and spiritual awakening is written and narrated by three individuals: Louise Brandson, Laura Brandson, and Rhiann Hosking. It traces the aftermath of the sudden death, in a horrific automobile accident, ...

  • Java Lost, A Child Imprisoned - II

    Eighteen Inches on a Mattress by

    Book 2: JAVA LOST, A Child Imprisoned, Part II, Eighteen Inches on a Mattress: As a tomboy and daughter of Lady Emilie, life growing up on the coffee and rubber plantation was heaven for Jannie. She had many adventures that she relished. But there ...

  • The Book of John

    (Not The One In The Bible) by

    Through his personal experiences John shows how he ultimately reached that place of peace and understanding that the world can neither give nor take away. Rather than meditating in a cave for twenty years, John has taken life head on in outrageous ...