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  • Daughter of an Unknown Soldier


    During World War II, many babies are born in Canada and abroad. One such war baby, Janet, comes into the world at the Salvation Army hospital in 1944 and is given over to the care of the Children’s Aid Society until finding a loving, permanent ...

  • Fumes and Fine Dust

    Working Under Chemical Assault: Neurological Effects by

    In a sense this book wrote itself. Excerpts from journals written over nineteen years of workplace exposure to chemicals depict the images and struggles within a gradually deteriorating brain that had once been completely functional. The author's ...

  • This Is My Story, This Is My Song

    Book One: The First Forty-Four Years by

    The first of two volumes to be published, in This is my Story, This is my Song, Leonard S. Buxton recounts the first half of his engaging life and his long career in ministry. He has written a very entertaining personal account of his upbringing as ...

  • Crossing Troubled Waters

    The Memoir of an English War Widow by

    It has taken three years since my husband was killed in active service for me to get back to normal—or as normal as one can expect to be when the entire pattern of one’s life has been changed, and new threads have to be woven into a different ...

  • The Day You Went Away


    June 8, 2015 was the end of a long weekend for Derek & Helena as they enjoyed one more night in a cabin in Sydney, Australia’s Blue Mountains. Back home in Canada it is the start of spring. A beautiful Sunday evening where the weekend has also come ...

  • Journey on Parallel Roads

    Autobiography and Memoir by

    The Journey on Parallel Roads reflects the couple's journey on parallel roads of profession, community leadership, and broad family responsibility. They looked after all in exemplary manner giving priority to each that each deserved without any ...

  • Buckshot & Johnnycakes


    'Buckshot & Johnnycakes' is a heart-warming true-life story of two 11 year old boys who met in the Scouting Movement in the Cowichan Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia and spent the next 56 years of their lives sharing one ...

  • Culture Shock

    Living and Working in China at Age 68 by

    Marlene Ritchie is off to teach in China at age 68. She’s just divorced and retired from the auction business she and her husband founded, and is now examining her past and finding the self-confidence to start anew. She’ll be embedded in the commune ...

  • Saved as Draft

    Stories of Self-Discovery Through Letters & Notes by

    Saved as Draft: Stories of Self-Discovery Through Letters & Notes is N.D. Chan’s brave and searing collection of observations about the shifting world she inhabits as a Chinese American woman. Born in Chinatown, New York, Chan was sent to China ...