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  • Watercolour Toolbox

    Essentials for Painting Success by

    From her experience as a professional artist for over 25 years and instructing workshops for almost a decade, Karen Richardson has identified the challenges everyone encounters when learning to paint. Watercolour Toolbox focuses on simple solutions ...

  • Come For Tea

    A Unique Colouring Escapade Thru Yesteryear by

    Come back with me in time, to days gone by when the biggest care of the day was which dress to wear to tea with friends that afternoon. Or perhaps long walks in the park with your sweetheart. Maybe your day included your favourite sweet treat and ...

  • The 4 Main Welding Techniques

    Learning Through Instructions & Projects by

    This book, through combinations of illustrations and wording, is designed to safely inform any individual interested in acquiring the safest and correct methods in learning how to weld in any of the four methods shown. With over 50 years in the ...

  • Weaving Bateman Blend

    My Own Journey by

    "Weaving Bateman Blend, The Companion Book" is a "workshop to go"! The book is an Intermediate weaving resource emphasizing the role of ties and tie groups in weaving. It introduces Dr. William Bateman's weave systems, but zeroes in on one of them, ...

  • Blossoms In The Breeze


    Softly or vividly, let your colour pencils bring this booklet of blossoms to life. Rediscover the simple, primitive beauty that nature grants us. Let these blossoms in the breeze provide a serene escape from the technological world we live in. ...

  • Retirement Social Network


    When most hear the word “retirement” they dream of what it will look like. Future retirees talk about vacations, relaxing, and taking time to complete jobs they never had time to finish when they worked full-time. Some others may have some financial ...

  • Wooden Artistic Creations


    In today's world of plastic and mass-production, natural materials provide a cozy and homely feeling to any atmosphere. The images in this book will bring that sense of comfort to your home. Wooden artistic creations made by hand from various ...

  • Serenity Adult Colouring


    The adult coloring-book trend reaches its pinnacle with Serenity, a truly remarkable coloring book filled with a stunning collection of illustrations calling out to be transformed with color. Page after page, Serenity spills over with outline ...

  • Animonuments

    An imaginative travel-inspired coloring book by

    Unleash your inner travel bug with this whimsical coloring book that combines the love of nature with travel. Culture from each monument infuses each image, melding travel and nature into unique Animonuments. Join the travelling animals on a trip to ...