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  • Stories of My Mother and the General's Cookbook

    Stories from the life of former Louisiana Attorney General and Mrs. William J. Guste, Jr. and family, and "the General's" cookbook by

    While assisting in the care of an aging and yet very active parent, the author recounts many of the stories that were often told to her by her mother of some of the most memorable and vivid scenes in her long life of more than ninety years. As the ...

  • She Called Her Joy

    A sister lost and found by

    "Who are you?" The mystery relative couldn't tell her. She was adopted. Tami had just discovered that she was a DNA match to a complete stranger. They were related. But how? Tami's mother, the family historian, couldn't help, either. She had ...

  • Always by My Side

    A family's journey with their beloved dog by

    Always by My Side is a feel-good story of a young couple, Lianne and Paul, and their journey through life with their dog, Paisley. After getting their puppy as a wedding gift to each other, they experience the challenges of following career ...

  • Storm Orphan

    A Memoir by

    When Marsha Barrett is six years old, her mother dies of cancer. The youngest of three sisters in a Jewish family, she goes through a turbulent youth during the 1960s and 1970s, rebelling against her demanding and often absent father. Barrett ...

  • Lost - 7 hours to Live

    The Paul Kerr story and his 2nd chance at life. by

    It was a beautiful early summer day on the Kootaney's one to remember. I was home, My town that I knew well and the people knew me. Carbon Compound helmet on I headed out for a bike ride up Grey Creek Pass. On my return that afternoon something ...

  • The Runt of the Litter

    Or Memories of a Lad from London by

    The inspiring memoir of Gerald Andrew, who was born into a life of unrelenting hardship in the tough East End of London in 1928 and went on to achieve great success as a world-travelling business executive and loving family man. Poorly educated due ...

  • Concerts and Sparkling Lights


    This is a story of one woman’s journey through the first year of grief. Sally Lennerton Parker started a diary the day after losing her husband of thirty two years. She shares this diary in Concerts and Sparkling Lights.

  • Who Cares?!

    Embracing the dire need for authentic love in a world that doesn't seem to care, or know how to love. by

    The hyphen between the date you were born, and the day you die, represents the length and breadth of your life. We are all assigned a certain number of days upon this planet. What will you do with those days? What will you give in exchange for ...

  • University of Motherhood

    Undergraduate Degree by

    For Cathy, motherhood became an avenue for personal growth and awareness. She worked passionately and intentionally to develop a parenting approach which blended traditional values with empowerment and alternative methods. Motherhood became a quest ...

  • Odyssey of Faith

    The Known Ancestors of Christopher Doerksen by

    This family history traces the Doerksen family back to their Mennonite roots, and then follows that family’s peregrinations from the Low Countries on Europe’s northern coast, to the Vistula Delta region of modern Poland, to a self-governing colony ...