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  • We Can Do This!

    Adult Children and Aging Parents Planning for Success by

    Practical, conversational and authentic, this timely book by Lorraine Morales, is a must-read for the increasing number of people with aging parents. The book partners Lorrie’s journey and real-life stories with essential facts, take-aways, and ...

  • Not My Own


    “Other people’s actions can leave you picking up the pieces, years after they occur.” In Not My Own, Gail Steeves shares a raw perspective of what it’s like to become one of the “other people.” You know, those good people that bad things happen to. ...

  • In the Shade

    Friendship, Loss, and the Bruce Trail by

    An 885-kilometre trail, 53 hiking days over 4 years. Think mild, not wild. Reflections on the walking, the talking and, ultimately, the losing of friends. Pam and Marg stepped away from their "to do" lists and onto the Bruce Trail. Read their tips ...

  • What the Living Do


    Until the age of twelve, Georgia Lee Kay-Stern believed she was Jewish — the story of her Cree birth family had been kept secret. Now she’s living on her own and attending first year university, and with her adoptive parents on sabbatical in Costa ...

  • The Essence of Time

    Farming in Alberta and Saskatchewan by

    Pat and Toms electrifying first encounter, falling in love. That love affair that sparked behind the scenes was relatively short lived but was a turning point from being a shy quiet girl to running a business herself. Their lives criss- crossed ...

  • The Day You Went Away


    June 8, 2015 was the end of a long weekend for Derek & Helena as they enjoyed one more night in a cabin in Sydney, Australia’s Blue Mountains. Back home in Canada it is the start of spring. A beautiful Sunday evening where the weekend has also come ...

  • Shattering the Glass Heart

    Finding the Magic of Possibilities After Trauma and Loss by

    This moving account of loss, grief, healing, and spiritual awakening is written and narrated by three individuals: Louise Brandson, Laura Brandson, and Rhiann Hosking. It traces the aftermath of the sudden death, in a horrific automobile accident, ...

  • When Cancer Came Knocking

    How One Family Answered by

    One in three people in North America will be directly affected by cancer in their lives, but how we deal with the emotional and spiritual impacts of the disease is rarely discussed. It’s time that changed. Cancer hit the Garrett family as an ...

  • Your Digital Undertaker

    Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada by

    If you are an adult Canadian who uses e-mail and surfs the internet, this book is for you. In a unique and humorous way, this former military officer and tech executive shares what she’s learned about the estate industry and the taboo topic of ...