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  • The Law Professor


    The Law Professor is the story of a successful but disillusioned commercial lawyer who makes a sudden and drastic shift in his life, leaving behind family and law practice to commence a career in academia. Michael Farnham has a brilliant mind and a ...

  • Finding Her Gone


    When Kit Gillespie learns that his longtime, world-wandering girlfriend, Julia, has died he can’t avoid asking himself: Was it his fault? Why couldn’t she settle down? How did they ever think they could have a life together? To find answers he looks ...

  • House of Brian


    This is a modern day story about an old man and a boy; their lives forever integrated by an accident and an evil doctor’s insatiable drive to unravel the mysteries of the human mind. The ensuing operation pushes the medical boundaries beyond moral ...

  • Or So It Seemed


    It’s 1946 and Mabel has never been happier. She’s a wife, a new mother, and the owner of the town’s most popular bakery. The black clouds that had followed her in the past have parted and her future has never looked brighter. Or so it seemed. A ...

  • The Watch


    Pyotr Yuzwenko is a man haunted by his past. Driven from his home by political unrest in Ukraine, orphaned at sea and sold into indentured labor in the Ottawa Valley, Pyotr becomes a man in the woods of northern Ontario. He finds love and family in ...

  • The Quest


    The Quest, set in America's Southwest, during 1996 --2001, during Clinton's and Bush's Administrations, is an intriguing and engaging story of an inquisitive, intelligent, but troubled Coloradan Vietnam veteran, who, having been born to an Anglo ...

  • Corbett's Daughter


    Daniel Corbett is playing piano in a Toronto restaurant during Sunday brunch and dreaming of his daughter, who just turned fourteen but whom he hasn’t seen for a decade. That’s because Corbett isn’t just a piano player. He’s also a parolee, a former ...

  • The Pelican Motel


    Four hurricanes have swept through Florida with devastating effect. Reconstruction isn't so simple when insurance companies and homeowners disagree about liability and time lines. Workers from out-of-state add to the confusion as do the politicians' ...

  • The Bread Maker


    It’s 1933 and Mabel just wants to bake bread. She leaves the cold shack she shares with her father for the warmth of her kneading table at Cameron’s store and gets caught in a snow storm, sparking events that expose the raw humanity of those around ...