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  • The Weak Against the Strong


    In the midst of the shadowy world of government corruption and the sex trade in the late-twentieth-century USSR, Mitch Galichin risks his life and puts his family in jeopardy in order to expose a human trafficking ring that reaches into the highest ...

  • Maktoub


    “‘One step at a time, one breath, one life … one destiny.’ These were my mother’s famous words. She called them the steps of life.” Zohra grows up believing that her destiny is written in the stars, that Maktoub will guide her step by step towards ...

  • The Perfect Rose


    This book is a historical romance between two strangers, a young woman and a young man meet in the City of Paris, just starting life’s journey. The struggles, life’s experiences and long separations from each other take them different directions. ...

  • A Wake For The Dreamland


    Friends William, Robert, and Annie are on the cusp of adulthood while the world is on the brink of war. It is a Canadian summer in 1939 and Robert and Annie’s love has blossomed, even as the inevitability of the boys joining up means separation and ...

  • Everlasting Lies


    The novel is about lying Charles Vernon and promiscuous Edina Vernon in a story that spans the years from when Victoria was Queen to 1920. It describes northern England, the soldier’s hardships in the trenches, and life with servants in Imperial ...

  • Lost Ground


    When Tina Björnström and her father arrive in Berlin for the 1936 Olympics, she has no idea that the entire world is poised on the brink of disaster. And changes are in store for Tina as well. It’s here, set against the backdrop of deepening crisis ...