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  • Last Run

    The Gauntlet Runner Book VII by

    Jacob Murray finally has what he wanted…almost. He is still tired from a war that has dragged on close to seven years. He desperately wants to get home but he has his obligations. He finally has Maggie by his side, only as fate has it, heartbreak is ...

  • Appointment in Delphi


    The oracle at Delphi once guided the paths of kings and commoners alike, from the Temple of Apollo high on Mount Parnassus. At one time, it was considered to be the centre of the world, but in the tiny and peaceful Greek village of Ano Hora, hidden ...

  • Secrets of a Soldier


    Secrets of a Soldier explores the wartime history of one remarkable family through the dramatic story of Paul Bonenfant, a soldier in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during World War One. Paul bravely serves in many brutal battles, including the ...

  • Out of Darkness


    A youthful Paddy escapes his Irish homeland to avoid persecution for avenging his father’s murder. He learned dog handling and formed strong emotional ties with German Shepherd dogs while in seclusion at an uncle’s farm in England. Subsequently, he ...

  • The Bearer's Burden


    It’s 1915. WW1 has been raging for six months. Twenty-three year old miner Joe Mathieson lives in a small community on the east coast of Fife, Scotland. His life is joyless, his future bleak. Unlike his older brother, Fred, who enlisted in the army ...

  • The Place Between the Pillars


    "He talked quickly and enthusiastically as the cocaine dripped down the back of his throat, and he knew he was trying to impress the drug dealer. He told him how the world shook if you were close enough and the blast was strong enough—how up and ...

  • The Spanish Knight's Secret


    In 1565, the young Spaniard Juan de Guaras receives an exquisite brooch in the shape of a Maltese cross from his parents to commemorate his becoming a Knight in the Order of St. John. But within four months de Guaras dies in the defense of Fort St. ...

  • Samuel of the Nations


    Occasionally, unknown individuals engage in momentous events. They associate with iconic people standing at the heart of nations. Samuel Saunders is one of these. Beginning at age 15 and continuing until his demise, Samuel of the Nations chronicles ...

  • Degrees of Guilt


    When a helicopter chartered by an anti-seal hunting group buzzes his boat off the coast of Newfoundland, Billy Wheeler downs it with a single shot, killing everyone on board. As his crewmates reel from shock, one thing becomes irrevocably clear: ...