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  • Sunrise at Dusk


    The seedy underworld of drugs and violence has infiltrated Lakewood High, and seventeen-year-old Jesse Decruz becomes their unlikely hero. The product of a broken home, Jesse suffers severe abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father, and this ...

  • Olduvai


    Is a global economic, social, and political collapse imminent? Flowing from actual world events, a damaged environment, dwindling energy resources, and a manipulated market-economy all come crashing together in this tale about the social and ...

  • Kindred Lamp Posts


    This is the fourth in the Kindred series, preceded by Kindred Stories, Kindred Mischief, and Kindred Angels. You can find out more by visiting

  • Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody


    Who is the mysterious Rudy Kazoody, and what, if anything, did he have to do with the events that occurred to a group of teenagers during one fateful summer in New York City’s Bronx neighborhood in the early 1960s? Growing up is difficult enough. ...

  • The Gift Horse's Mouth


    When Chuck Arbour, a Winnipeg boy, graduates high school, he receives two letters in the mail that invite him to study with the elite academics in the city. He had been lately receiving significant attention due to his talent and originality in ...

  • The Dive


    The city has a lot to offer. It’s 1987, and the urban haze has lured young George Wentworth to the centre of Toronto for a summer of fun before seriously looking for work. But the reality is not what he had imagined. Months in, he is broke, ...

  • The Necessities of Life


    When Father Bao finds an abandoned newborn, shades of his own past come back to haunt him. While the police search for the child’s parents, Bao struggles with how to better serve his community, despite detractors from within his own parish. The ...

  • Thoughts of a Fractured Soul


    “Thoughts of a Fractured Soul” tells a story of family and failed potential told through the reflective voice of the main character, Corey Thomas a.k.a Ace. Through a series of non-linear digressions, some brief and some extended, Corey catalogues ...

  • The Kilted Lover


    Meet Dylan. Focused. Energized. Career driven. Confident. Powerful. Dylan is a force to be reckoned with. As an editor of fashion magazine MyStyle, Dylan has done a stellar job creating the lifestyle she wants—one full of friends, a stylish loft ...