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  • The Dive


    The city has a lot to offer. It’s 1987, and the urban haze has lured young George Wentworth to the centre of Toronto for a summer of fun before seriously looking for work. But the reality is not what he had imagined. Months in, he is broke, ...

  • The Necessities of Life


    When Father Bao finds an abandoned newborn, shades of his own past come back to haunt him. While the police search for the child’s parents, Bao struggles with how to better serve his community, despite detractors from within his own parish. The ...

  • The Kilted Lover


    Meet Dylan. Focused. Energized. Career driven. Confident. Powerful. Dylan is a force to be reckoned with. As an editor of fashion magazine MyStyle, Dylan has done a stellar job creating the lifestyle she wants—one full of friends, a stylish loft ...

  • Like a Child to Home


    November on the Canadian West Coast; it’s often wet, miserable and dark. Lives get messy; streets are unsafe. Wally Rose is a brooding, sporadically up-beat, old-time social worker. Carla Prentice is an overwhelmed, single mother of two teenagers, ...

  • Blood-N-Blood Out

    Loyalty Means Everything by

    Saleem, Trey, Bruce and Shymire are four teenagers that are fed up with living a penniless lifestyle. Together they decide their only way to escape poverty and get lots of money is to enter the lucrative drug trade in the city of Pittsburgh. In ...

  • Paula Takes a Risk


    After thirty-four years of just letting life happen to her, Paula Tenenbaum’s mundane existence was suddenly interrupted. It was bad enough to be fired from her job because she was “average”, but on that same day, her boyfriend also dumped her for ...