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  • Blood-N-Blood Out

    Loyalty Means Everything by

    Saleem, Trey, Bruce and Shymire are four teenagers that are fed up with living a penniless lifestyle. Together they decide their only way to escape poverty and get lots of money is to enter the lucrative drug trade in the city of Pittsburgh. In ...

  • The Finest Deal


    In Washington, DC, the war against drugs is heating up, and narcotics detective Gabriel Montalvo is tired of cleaning up the mess from the brutal violence. When his colleague, Jimmy Whitehouse, a chemist turned detective, hatches a drastic plan to ...

  • Thoughts of a Fractured Soul


    “Thoughts of a Fractured Soul” tells a story of family and failed potential told through the reflective voice of the main character, Corey Thomas a.k.a Ace. Through a series of non-linear digressions, some brief and some extended, Corey catalogues ...

  • The Duckling House

    A Primer of Humour and Hope by

    When Stanley inherits a Victorian era house from his late grandmother in Victoria, British Columbia, the only way he can afford to keep it is to rent out rooms—a task for which he is woefully unprepared. His salvation and his burden is that Mary ...

  • Skinny Bernard

    Experimental Short Stories by

    Skinny Bernard is the sort of person that others never notice, that we look at only briefly before turning our eyes away, but the universe sees everything. We all wonder where we fit into that universe, rich or poor, surrounded by loved ones or ...

  • Murder City


    A full moon hung in the dome of the sky over Edmonton. Earliest dawn in the great city sent scarlet fingers of light into a navy-blue sky above her eastern suburbs. A veil of summer mist formed over the North Saskatchewan River like a silken shroud ...

  • Sunrise at Dusk


    The seedy underworld of drugs and violence has infiltrated Lakewood High, and seventeen-year-old Jesse Decruz becomes their unlikely hero. The product of a broken home, Jesse suffers severe abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father, and this ...

  • Olduvai


    Is a global economic, social, and political collapse imminent? Flowing from actual world events, a damaged environment, dwindling energy resources, and a manipulated market-economy all come crashing together in this tale about the social and ...

  • Kindred Lamp Posts


    This is the fourth in the Kindred series, preceded by Kindred Stories, Kindred Mischief, and Kindred Angels. You can find out more by visiting