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  • Every Bite Affects the World

    an Earth Care Cookbook for Joyful, Mindful Eating by

    Every Bite Affects the World helps us be mindful of the connections between what we eat and the health of our bodies, as well as the health of the soil, water, climate, communities and farmers both here and far away. The book invites you to be part ...

  • Eco-Conscious Home

    Creating A Healthy Lifestyle in Your Heart & Home by

    This whimsical yet informative guide is not just your typical design book—it was created to help you unveil your unique personal style and authentic flair! Author Charisse Marei helps you focus on achieving the home of your dreams, starting with ...

  • Redesign

    Restore the heart | Restore the home by

    Bringing peace to your home with simple steps to interior redesign, family recipes, and heart warming encouragement Finally, an interior design book that actually teaches you how to redesign your home, whether you are a renter, a homeowner, or are ...

  • A Timeless Keepsake

    Release Renew Revitalize by

    To compliment the series One Room at a Time, Charisse Marei created a timeless journal to keepsake precious memories, the present, and what has yet to come. Memories form lasting impressions within our heart, our mind, and our value systems. ...

  • Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots

    21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space by

    Often it is when we least expect it that life throws us a curve ball, and though we might swing at it, that doesn’t mean we’ll always connect. Plans fall apart. Things we thought we knew turn out to be illusory. There is a sense of dislocation when ...

  • Greenhouse Hygge

    The House of My Growing Dreams by

    We’re all given gifts in life, it’s what we do with them that shows us what we’ve learned. Through hard work, creativity and an emerging vision, Lise-Lotte has incorporated the gift of her Mom’s greenhouse into her garden life where it is put into ...