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  • A Child in Child City

    A True Story by

    We all have a story to tell, this is mine. An inspiring true story written through a little girl's eyes (mine) Laura, known as Marion in the Orphanage. What Orphanage? Where? you might ask. The details are inside my book along with some historic ...

  • Christmas Around the World

    An Advent Book by

    Cherish the season even more with this wonderful collection of Christmas traditions from around the world. During the month of December, as families count down the days until Christmas Eve, we can travel the world through these pages to discover ...

  • Little Synagogue on the Prairie

    The Building that Went for a Ride... Three Times! by

    You may never have heard of a building being lifted off its foundations and moved, not once, but three times! This is the story of the Little Synagogue, the Montefiori Institute, which was originally built in 1916. It became a gathering place for ...

  • Freda's Little Red Huset


    Join Freda as she takes you on a fearless journey of history and discovery growing up in Sweden, in the tiny town of Jamjo. She lived with her family in the Little Red Huset with big wooden doors. Life was tough and demanding. Her family had to ...

  • Forgotten


    Wars have written history. Kings, lords and commanders destroyed and plundered lands, slaughtered people in order to glorify and celebrate themselves, gain lands or accomplish some exclusive ideas. Children were born and grew up in turmoil and ...

  • C is for Coast

    A Lower North Shore Alphabet by

    A unique experience is waiting inside these two covers. Through photos, art and poetry explore the coastal paradise of the Lower North Shore, Qu├ębec, affectionately known to Coasters, near and far, as "The Coast".

  • Rikis


    Sasha loved budgies. She had them since her early childhood. When she was at university the war started in her hometown. She had to leave the city together with her Mom. Sasha's father and talking budgie Riki, remained in the city. Sasha was very ...

  • The Vrooms of the Foothills, Volume 4: Ranching, the Real West


    Ranching, the Real West is Volume 4 in the series THE VROOMS OF THE FOOTHILLS. Once again and using 5 maps and over 280 photos, Bessie Vroom Ellis vividly illustrates the social history of southwestern Alberta. The captions are memory-filled ...