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  • Raton Yeux-Carrés, Tome 2

    De retour chez moi ! by

    Déterminée plus que jamais à emménager dans le grenier de la petite maison blanche, Raton Yeux-Carrés retourne à la grande ville. Sur son chemin, elle rencontre le chat ébouriffé—encore! Lorsque le chat est effrayé par quatre ratons laveurs bandits ...

  • Square-Eyed Raccoon #2

    Going Back Home! by

    More determined than ever to move into the attic of the little white house, Square-Eyed Raccoon ventures back to the big city. On her way, she meets the scruffy cat—again! When the cat is scared off by four backstreet raccoon bandits, the ...

  • Square-Eyed Raccoon

    Home Sweet Home! by

    A big, shaggy cat startles the square-eyed raccoon on her evening walk. After the raccoon jumps up onto a roof to escape the cat’s muddy claws, she discovers the perfect place to have a family. But when the lady who lives in the house locks ...

  • Raton Yeux-Carrés

    Enfin chez moi! by

    Un chat ébouriffé surprend le raton femelle aux yeux carrés lors de sa promenade du soir. Afin d’échapper aux griffes boueuses du chat, Raton Yeux-Carrés saute sur un toit. C’est alors qu’elle découvre l’endroit idéal pour fonder une famille. Mais ...

  • Rehan and the Mysterious Book


    When a little boy named Rehan finds a mysterious Book, he goes on a fact finding mission with his best friend-pet hamster, Gus. With no pictures and strange writing, there are questions that form. They look to Mom for answers. These answers lead to ...

  • The Day We Went into the Woods


    "Let us tell you about the day we went into the woods. It had some creatures doing things you never thought they could. We’ll share our tales from one to ten - and keep you on your toes! Could it be true? That’s up to you. Find out how the story ...

  • Alfie and Reid

    A Fine Partnership Indeed by

    Alfie and Reid: A Fine Partnership Indeed is a fun children’s story written in verse and wonderfully illustrated to delight readers both young and old. A timid mouse finds himself beholden to the will of a curious lion. If Alfie can overcome his ...

  • The Story of Sammy the Skrunk


    Squirrel + Skunk = Skrunk Sammy’s first day at a new school presents unexpected challenges; not everyone wants to be friends with someone who looks different. Things change when Sammy meets Marcel the Métis and learns that being of mixed ancestry is ...

  • Tales From Grey Squirrel Manor #1

    A Tale of Two Squirrels by

    A charming story of a married couple, their golden retriever, and two squirrels who make a cozy home in their yard. This story is based on the daily observations of these delightful little animals. This story will capture a child’s interest- purely ...