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  • So There's a Sibling


    In So There’s a Sibling, a mother explains to her young child that a new baby is on the way, touching on the worries and excitement of growing a family. What if you cry? What if you fight? How will we handle being up through the night? With all ...

  • She Is


    She Is is a powerful poetic homage to the special place a daughter keeps in a mother’s heart. Join a daughter and her mother in this heartfelt story of a girl’s life, as seen through her mother’s eyes.

  • My Baby's First Love


    My Baby's First Love is a children’s book for the loving parent. Lauren’s story is a hug from the heart to parents and children all over the world. It embodies the essence of a mother’s love and reflects on important teachings worthy of reading your ...

  • Jacob’s Journey

    The Boy Born Early by

    When Jacob opens his eyes for the first time, people in the hospital look worried. He came a little earlier than expected. Jacob’s need to fight to stay alive makes his mom sad and keeps his doctors busy. The hospital is cold and noisy, but the love ...

  • Mr. Aeroplane


    Chanté, an innocent sweet four-year-old is eager for a sibling and follows her mother’s advice to ask aeroplanes to drop a baby. After some disappointments, a beautiful dream and the help of her friends Chanté finally gets the baby brother she’s ...

  • Daddy's Wish


    Daddy's Wish is the story of an excited soon-to-be father who can't wait for the arrival of his baby girl and all of the wonderful possibilities it could bring. This book is dedicated to the important, unique and timeless bond between Dads and ...

  • Grumpy Baby

    Tale of a Newborn by

    Once upon a time, a grumpy baby was born, and his parents couldn’t seem to do anything to cheer him up. Toys, walks, swaddling, lullabies—nothing worked. What were two exhausted parents to do? Would their baby EVER smile? Would he (and they) EVER ...

  • Thank You Notes From Grandma


    Thank You Notes From Grandma pretty much says it all! It is a collection of thank you notes to a very special little lady who very innocently brightens days, calms the nights, and makes everything in between better. She was truly a gift during a ...

  • Wyatt and The Cookie Bowl: Book 2

    Three Months by

    Three Months is the compelling story of Lance and Sarah’s second visit to the Doctor. Upon their second visit, they are startled, surprised, very happy, yet also concerned and worried. There is some content in the book to help children know it is ok ...

  • Ellie And Her 2 Boys


    This is a true story about Ellie when she was 1 years only, she had two cats in her life that she loved very much, and the hard decision Ellie’s parents had to make on finding the two cats a new home. This story was written in order to have the ...