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  • Henrietta Moves to a New City


    This book is about a a little girl name Henrietta who is 8-year’s old. She moves from Florida after her father accepts another job in New York City. She is really disappointed and thinks that she want be able to make new friends. Soon her feelings ...

  • The Accidental Mime


    Gigi is a little girl who dreams of being special. She’d love to be a ballerina like her mother, but she just isn’t able to keep her feet going in the right direction. She wants to make her mother’s birthday as special as possible so she orders a ...

  • A World Divided

    The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 1 by

    Elizabeth’s sixteenth birthday was fast approaching and for the daughter of the King and Queen of Elnara, kingdom of the fairies and elves, that meant that she would have to attempt the magical transformation that would change her from Lady ...

  • Mya's Big Imagination


    Mya loves to play dress-up. Her big imagination lets her become anything she likes—a princess, a superhero, or even a puppy! Mya’s imagination gives her new ideas every day—until one morning when it doesn’t. What happens when Mya is stuck being just ...

  • Gosling Rescue


    Through lightly falling snow, a pair of Canada geese, after their long journey north, glide in search of a place to nest. They decide to build their next home in a field of round bales. Nearby lives a young girl, Janelle, who loves exploring ...

  • The Dragon Sword

    The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 3 by

    The Elves have Landed! Several ships carrying elves from some distant land have anchored off the coast of Seaside Castle giving the Elnaran elves the opportunity to finally discover where they originally came from and how they ended up in Elnara ...

  • Could I Be a Pilot?

    Evie's Journey to Becoming a Pilot by

    When ten-year-old Evie attends an air show with her mom, she discovers, to her surprise, that there are women pilots performing! Inspired by what she sees, she signs up for Girls’ Aviation Day at the airport where she learns all about aviation, ...

  • She Is


    She Is is a powerful poetic homage to the special place a daughter keeps in a mother’s heart. Join a daughter and her mother in this heartfelt story of a girl’s life, as seen through her mother’s eyes.

  • Silly Seraphina

    Always Asking Why? by

    It’s Monday and time to get ready for school. But wait! Seraphina just woke up. There are so many things to do before she can be ready. She needs to eat her breakfast. She needs to get dressed. She needs to brush her teeth and wash her face. And she ...

  • Tippi Tie Toe - The Adventures of Bits N Boots

    The Adventures of Bits N Boots by

    Tippi Tie Toe is the story of an unbreakable friendship between a girl and her horse that spans decades. When a child receives an animal, it is the commitment to each other that bonds them. Although life's circumstances will change, a creature that ...