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  • Another Superhero Day


    Theo is a superhero—but, of course, only his mom knows that. Theo is also autistic. He is shy, unique, cool, and he doesn’t like to be touched. One day at the amusement park, he is waiting in line for the Ferris wheel with his mom when he meets ...

  • Santa is a Superhero


    Psst! Hey you! Did you know that Santa is a superhero? I know what you’re thinking, “How can that be? He doesn’t have superpowers.” Or does he? If you take a peek inside this superbook you’ll see all the things that Santa has in common with other ...

  • Super Ollie Outsmarts Overwhelm


    In gym class, Olivia—or Ollie, as she likes to be called—cannot jump rope. Every time she tries, her feet get tangled up and her frustration rises. As the room fills with the Thwick and Thump of her friends jumping rope, Ollie’s heartbeat quickens ...