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  • Questionable Commentary

    Late-Onset Contemplations from an East Coast Septuagenarian by

    This book is the result of a compilation of discursive newspaper articles from Canada's East Coast - a collection which considers a few thin slices of life in Nova Scotia over a couple of years, served up with bits of humor, nostalgia and some ...

  • Verses Old and New


    Verses Old and New is a collection of nursery rhymes and songs by Thomas McCavour that describe the origin and meaning of each verse. You will find out why Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and why Mary was quite contrary. Return to your childhood and ...

  • Pearls, Pills and Vodka


    Have you slipped on anything lately? Better be careful, you might end up in a retirement community! That’s what happened to Amanda after she slipped on black ice. Her move to Sunny Meadow Retirement Home is smooth enough, and her life continues in a ...

  • Discovery and Other Stories


    Discovery and Other Stories is a third collection of short stories by Thomas McCavour. Discovery is a story about the early Vikings and their exploration of America and the Northwest Passage. Marcus and Mark is a story about how two boxers in ...

  • Grit and Grace

    A Women Writing Anthology by

    From acclaimed members of the Writing Women project from northern Indiana and southern Michigan comes this diverse and inspiring collection of poems, fiction, and personal essays. The poignant voices of Grit and Grace explore issues of religious ...

  • The Sand Carriers


    There is a bonus attached to Mr. Villarreal’s new book of poetry: a one-act play which deals with seeing only what one wants to see to the detriment of a birthing consciousness. The novella deals with the would-be world the protagonist/narrator ...

  • Tales From The Tunnicliff Inn


    A two hundred year old Cooperstown village inn steeped in history, looming in mystery and renowned for local lore; with hundreds of stories encased within its brick walls, author Bill Waller unearths some of these these, weaves in some local ...

  • Well Fed Poet


    This collection of my memoirs is basically a diary in poetry form, which has always been my preferred style of writing. Some have a cartoon-like drawing included. A small portion of them are songs, but that only happens if I hum a tune while writing.

  • On Breaking One's Pencil

    And Other Vagrant Thoughts: Essays from a Curious Mind by

    The book is divided into six major parts: PLACES, WRITING ADVICE, CHURCH MATTERS, PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ESSAYS, ESSAYS, and ALL IN THE FAMILY. It closes with the traditional -30- that used to tell newspapermen working on stories that the story was ...

  • Gramarye: The Glamour of Grammar


    The essays in Gramarye were born out of the author’s fascination with idiom, syntax, and the parts and particles of speech in English. They draw on instances from poetry, in which language always finds its most characteristic and striking embodiment.