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  • Occlusion: Made as Simple, and as Obvious as "The Balls on a Beagle"

    A layman's guide--and maybe even a dentist's guide--to all anyone needs to know about the diagnosis and treatment of most TMJ and 'BITE' issues by

    This guide is intended to be a positive help and give hope to any of those who suffer from bad 'bites' and joint pain. My goals for this guide are three-fold: First -to help anyone with these problems to better understand what is going on so that ...

  • A Twisted Fate

    My life with Dystonia by

    Brenda Currey Lewis was a typical, active child. But when she was seven years old her life changed dramatically. Generalized dystonia (dystonia musculorum deformans) turned her muscles against her. This rare neurological movement disorder causes ...