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  • Out Of Hiding

    Removing The Mask by

    My desire was to eventually one day get married and give birth to 5 children. Instead I miscarried 6 times. I got pregnant by my first boyfriend at the age of 15 years old, which was also when I had my first miscarriage. At the tender age of 15, my ...

  • Alone in a Crowd

    A Story of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse's Struggles with Bulimia and Mental Wellness by

    Always seemingly happy and talkative, the author shares the darkest secrets of her sixteen-year battle with an eating disorder. Hiding her insecurities “behind the mask” of a seemingly perfect life, Andrea struggles to be present in the moment even ...

  • "I'm Not Dead Yet"

    Living Every Moment by

    This book is for everyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, in the hopes that they have also experienced the joy and peace in living every moment at the end of life. The stories include happy moments in hospice that matter to those who ...

  • Side Effects

    A Nurse's Journey Through Secondary Traumatic Stress by

    Side Effects is a memoir of a nurse’s journey through Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) toward a renewed sense of physical, mental and spiritual well being. It provides an insider perspective on how STS can accumulate over time affecting both ...

  • Both Sides of the Bed

    Memoirs of a Retired Nurse by

    Both Sides of the Bed is the story of Annette Boyd Bryant, a career nurse who survived two battles with breast cancer and also fell victim to a stroke. This memoir is an account of her life and experiences, going from saving lives to considering ...

  • No One Left Behind

    How Nurse Practitioners Are Changing The Canadian Health Care System by

    No One Left Behind: How Nurse Practitioners Are Changing The Canadian Health Care System, is a collection of stories from NPs across Canada, sharing their most memorable experiences with patients, which clearly illustrate the critical role they play ...