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  • Always by My Side

    A family's journey with their beloved dog by

    Always by My Side is a feel-good story of a young couple, Lianne and Paul, and their journey through life with their dog, Paisley. After getting their puppy as a wedding gift to each other, they experience the challenges of following career ...

  • Magical Albert

    How a Preemie Foal Changed One Couple’s Definition of Family Forever by

    When an unexpected medical miracle allows both a champion racing mare and her preemie colt to survive a critical emergency, their owners, Dave and Renata Lumsden, can only hold their breath as they watch the foal grow. Dave is optimistic, but ...

  • Lucky's Way

    Turn Your A**hole Dog into an Asset by

    Part memoir, part dog-training guide, Lucky’s Way offers practical, straightforward advice for training dogs alongside stories from the author’s life and the many dogs who have been part of it. With humour and candour, Brenda Boemer-Groenestege ...

  • Dogversations

    Conversations with My Dogs by

    If these dogs could’s precisely what Eva, the Brittany spaniel, Bruno, the golden retriever, and Agnes, the genetically diverse rescue dog, would say. Photographer David Leswick flawlessly captures the fun, quirky, clever, curious, and ...

  • Dog Gone Dylan


    This is the amazing story of one 16 lb Jack Russell terrier who escaped over 90 times and was always rescued. He won the hearts of many people who felt the need to save his Life often in perilous situations. His Owners were mystified as to how this ...

  • The Bounty of Illusionist

    The inspirational story of a champion racehorse and her foals by

    Illusionist, a champion Standardbred racehorse, made headlines in the Toronto Star and Trot magazine in retirement. During her six-year, 140-race career, “Lusi” earned over a million dollars and set numerous track records. In that time, her ...

  • Daisyduke Designer Dog


    Suppose you are a cute Shih Tzu/Toy Poodle named Daisyduke, and you’ve been adopted by a loving family that takes you along with them on their many adventures? What do you do? You write your life story, of course! Beginning with her rough start in ...

  • Memories of Lili

    A Beagle’s Life by

    Who could resist a sweet, playful puppy with beautiful Cleopatra-like eyes in the window of a pet shop? Certainly not author Maria de Andrade, whose life was about to become much more lively and exciting thanks to the addition of a charming and ...

  • The Terriers of England and Wales

    their history and development by

    The Terriers of England and Wales is a companion volume to the author’s The Terriers of Scotland and Ireland (2003). It is more concerned with the working and companion qualities of the various English and Welsh breeds and with their origins than ...