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  • Quartette

    Living through loss and learning through love; poetry for the soul by

    The Millennial generation is opening up. They’re talking and reading about their feelings, and books like Quartette make it clear: you’re not alone—your feelings are valid and important, and they are yours to experience. Whatever your faith, race, ...

  • The Garden Gate


    The Garden Gate is a gentle, nourishing collection of poetry that will feed the soul with ancient truths and fresh insights. When we step beyond the garden gate, we find a beautiful and illuminating world that will encourage, heal, and inspire all ...

  • Annalise Has Allergies


    Annaliese’s Allergies is a light-hearted poem about staying safe when living with allergies. It teaches a child that it’s okay to be assertive when it comes to expressing their needs, and there’s always alternative ways to have fun and enjoy life ...

  • Blister Me With Your Kisses

    and Other Poems by

    My poems are organically inspired by nature, music or movies. Once hit by the blast of stimulating verse, my mind somersaults from the powerful intensity of attack. My target audience would be readers who yearn to throb from rhythmic sensations. ...

  • Whimsical Sensations


    It’s more than a book really, it’s a journey through love and romance. It reaches deep into your soul, slowly caressing those tender places we hide from the rest of the world. It takes you away from the busy rush of the world to a calmer place where ...

  • Soul Healing

    Poetry by a Nurse by

    Wouldn’t you like to know what a nurse thinks about death, grief, and loss? Wouldn’t you like to know how a nurse finds inspiration while dealing with, for instance, the death of a loved one by suicide? Poetry and nursing are not two words that one ...

  • The Poetry


    This book was written about Chris Stafford’s thoughts with a hand from God. Chris’ family was involved with the reading of this book and thought it would be nice to be published so others could read it.

  • Erotic Poems and Short Stories


    Plunging deeper into the depths of her hidden pleasure. Again and again he purrs, wanting only to please her for the stars in the sky. Get ready for the love experience of your life! Fantasy and eroticism written in descriptive poetry, sexy ...

  • Where I Was and Who I’ve Become


    I wanna see myself through someone else’s eyes. I wanna try to not live a lie. But it’s hard when every time you’re told a lie. I just want my soul to fly… When Josephine M'Msafiri immigrated to Canada as a young girl, she expected to soar with new ...

  • Mud for the Eyes


    David Antilla gifts us with this clump of poems that at once moves us to wonder and dares us to think. At times his poems smith with the immediacy of psalm-like candour, and at times with the urgency of apocalyptic truth. But always his images ...