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  • Will & Mysteria

    Two Inseparable Yogi's by

    Our liberation is closer than we might acknowledge... So many of us today yearn to live an authentic life in alignment with our higher self. We enroll in meditation classes, practice yoga, engage in unique relationships to explore our feelings, ...

  • Incorrigible


    Alfie invites you to understand the long-lasting impact that Childhood Trauma can have. He invites you to gain a first hand review of his life starting at his birth on June 5, 1955. His early experiences shaped the child, adolescent and adult that ...

  • Strut

    How to Kick Financial ASSets in Sexy Shoes by

    WHOEVER SAID MONEY CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS DIDN’T HAVE A BIG ENOUGH SHOE CLOSET! Do you feel torn between buying that new pair of shoes or saving money for your future? Does the stress of thinking about your money situation drive you straight into ...

  • Now: The Voice of One

    Brothers and Sisters of the World United by

    Written over several months Now: The Voice of One is a Native American spiritual book. (Note - She was able to read signs and symbols and, the birds would talk to her) Written with help from the spiritual realm this book shows synchronicities and ...

  • Color Up

    to Create the Life You Want to Live by

    Today’s world is stuck in black-and-white thinking that limits creative possibilities. We all need fresh ways to move forward beyond constraints that insist on only two possibilities—one right, the other wrong. But the world is not a ...

  • WTF Did You Do to My Colon?!

    101 Uses For Your Colon After Surgery by

    As anyone who’s been through it knows, colon surgery is not for the faint of heart. And for everyone who has experienced complications or lives with chronic health issues, they and their caregivers know the struggle to keep a sense of humor. But, if ...

  • Lovemaster'd

    A Digital Journey to Ultimate Love and Happiness by

    Seven years after his own first marriage has ended bitterly, happily remarried comedian Craig Shoemaker gets a Facebook message from Leah, a casual acquaintance, in which she tells him that her marriage of thirty years is ending. Something in Leah’s ...

  • Faith and Inspiration

    Words From Heaven by

    Faith and Inspiration is a meaningful collection of poetry filled with both the vigor and grace of life’s experiences. Written to encourage, uplift, and heal hearts, author Pat Gibson seeks to inspire readers to look at life’s past, present, and ...

  • The Flight Of The Phoenix

    Living Forward by

    Imagine living a life without regret; a life that, once concluded, your legacy has been forever imprinted upon the wet concrete of life. The Flight of the Phoenix is a look into a compilation of journeys that we will all inevitably embark upon ...