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  • The History of Professional Hockey in Victoria

    BC: 1911-2011 by

    The History of Professional Hockey in Victoria is an in-depth examination of professional hockey in Victoria. It includes details on the different leagues, statistics on every game played by a Victoria team, and information on every player to dress ...

  • Perseverance

    One Month Canoeing the Mackenzie River by

    In the summer of 2006, four old men began an adventure that took them from the suburbs of Washington State through British Columbia and Alberta to Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In two canoes, they began a 900-mile (1,500 km) ...

  • Suffering Up Manaslu


    Above 8,000 metres in the death zone, life begins to die. Step by arduous step, mountaineer David B Bethell is determined to summit the Himalayan peak, Mt Manaslu, known as the Mountain of the Soul. He’s driven not only by his love of mountains, but ...

  • Silent Winds of Aikido


    The ‘Silent Winds’ refers to the stillness and internal silence at the centre of all Aikido techniques. The silence is infused with awareness – awareness of the space surrounding you, awareness of the internal landscape of thoughts and emotions, ...

  • A Cowboy's Life

    Memories of a Western Cowboy in an Empire Of Grass by

    “Either the whisky goes or I go.” These words were uttered by the author’s great grandmother after a harrowing trip by riverboat and stagecoach to her new husband’s ranch on the raw frontier of British Columbia’s Cariboo country. This is a memoir ...

  • Lessons Learned

    My Journey to the Podium by

    Life constantly changes the shots it throws at us. Do you know what to do when life’s on a breakaway to your open net? Or, do you know how to face a major roadblock in your career? Furthermore, are you looking for gold medal-winning strategies ...

  • On-ice CPN Plan Reduces the Trauma of Concussions


    Concussions in hockey injure more than just the player. They injure our healthcare infrastructure, our insurance claims, our families, and the reputation and integrity of the sport itself. The need to find a way to reduce concussions has never been ...

  • Motocross Saved My Life

    From Its Darkness by

    In 2011, former Canadian national champion motocross racer Brent (Airmail) Worrall, who had recently returned to the sport after a lengthy absence due to struggles with alcohol, gambling, and depression, was again in a fight to save his own life. ...

  • The Bounty of Illusionist

    The inspirational story of a champion racehorse and her foals by

    Illusionist, a champion Standardbred racehorse, made headlines in the Toronto Star and Trot magazine in retirement. During her six-year, 140-race career, “Lusi” earned over a million dollars and set numerous track records. In that time, her ...