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  • Drone

    Poems by

    Individualism, technological expression, power and corruption, post-apocalypticism, nihilism— these are the main themes of Drone. Drone is a collection of poems written by inanimate objects and elements, represented by each title, in a nonexistent ...

  • No Such Thing as Normal


    “Some of us never fit in… some of us were never meant to...” Life is miserable when you don’t know who you are. Nicole Robertson might appear to have everything: a loving family, a solid education, scholarships to prestigious schools and a bright ...

  • Holy Cream Puff


    Holy Cream Puff recounts the incomparable encounters of a young boy who revels in the joie de vivre of Maisonneuve, an East End of Montreal francophone community in the 1940s and 1950s. Charged with an abundance of humorous and mischievous ploys ...

  • Pathetica

    A 1980's Memoir by

    Dale was a shy Canadian teenager failing at school; Ryan was an American teenager pretending to be doing much better. Their unlikely "friendship" that started in the mid-1980's went on for five years of adventure along the west coast until it was ...

  • Plan to the Future

    Simple Advice for Young People by

    Simple advice for young people What does it mean to be accountable? Why is discipline important? Where is your education leading? When will life become meaningful? How can you be successful and happy at the same time? Answers to these questions ...

  • Growing Up Is Hard To Do

    Reflections on your earliest beginnings to your late teenage years by

    Growing Up is Hard to Do, yet there are very few comprehensive “how to” manuals for young people, to help them negotiate and understand what momentous changes occur on the winding road between infancy and adulthood. In this helpful, highly readable ...

  • The Average José

    An Immigration Story by

    Canada is a nation built by immigrants, and this is the story of one such man. In the 1950s, José Pires bid farewell to his wife of five days, leaving the island of São Miguel in the Azores and coming to Canada in hopes of building a life for his ...

  • Thoughts to Hold Onto

    Just for Teenagers by

    Thoughts To Hold Onto is a book designed to be a companion for teenagers. It doesn't claim to have all the answers, but it does contain thoughts which may provide guidance and support for young people who are making choices in a world where they get ...

  • Friday Memories

    The Life and Times of June Friday MacInnis by

    Born in 1931, at a time of ongoing change for Indigenous people all over the continent, this Ojibway Elder from Bear Island, in northeastern Ontario, started writing her memories so that her grandchildren and their descendants would know about her ...