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  • Free Radical


    James, an employee dispatched abroad by a UK tech consultancy firm, never expected to be battling for survival in the wintry depths of a north-eastern European forest—severely drunk and heavily armed—alongside his enfeebled colleague, Kieran, and a ...

  • Perfectly Flawed

    poetry for change by

    Beloved Flaw “Perfection, however perfect, can annoy, Rendering you unattainable, remote, coy, When in reality, you are just as humanely what Flawed as all the others who refute their faulty perfection.” (p. 55)

  • Life Like It Is

    You've Gone Through This by

    My book is about poetry. This book came about because of my shyness. I started writing this book at the age of 14, because I was an extremely shy young girl, who found it easier to express myself by writing how I felt, rather than communicating ...

  • The Anxiety Fix


    Nearly 40 million adults in North America are affected by anxiety disorders. If anxiety is holding you back from social situations or from moving ahead in your career and life plans, this book will help you to take your life back. The Anxiety Fix is ...

  • Pearl of Blood


    Magic runs deep. Blood runs deeper. Vaelon Stone is ten years old when he's chosen by an ancient spirit to be imbued with supernatural gifts. After eating some trillyrium berries, he finds that he has healing abilities and can generate plasma ...

  • They Called Me Alicia

    A Memoir by

    They Called Me Alicia is a true story about a young girl named Mercedes growing up in another time, place, and culture. Born in Quito, Ecuador to an unwed servant who could not afford to raise her, Mercedes is sold when she is four years old to an ...

  • Stolen Heart


    Life is better with you. As a teen, Elliott Denison grapples with life, love and sexuality. His heart had been shattered every time his parents pushed him away. Life had forced him to be strong enough to endure Stanstead’s biggest bully and strong ...

  • It All Started With Lasagna

    The Life Story of Peter Mercanti and His Ingredients for Business Success, Leadership and Happiness by

    It All Started with Lasagna is a chance to get up close and personal with Peter Mercanti, a successful Hamilton businessman who came to Canada as an immigrant at age seven with his parents. With forthright honesty, Peter shares the story of his rise ...

  • Amber Ambrosia


    After saving the sacred snakes of Narcisse, Wil Wychwood and his cousin Sophie Isidor are hailed as the new heroes of MiddleGate. Yet their journey is far from over. Wil knows the black medallion he inherited once belonged to an ancient secret ...

  • Be YourSelf

    Spiritual Awakening for Everyone by

    Few in this life escape stress and suffering. But what if the world were nothing but an illusion? Speaking joyfully from the intersection of science and spirituality, psychiatrist Akshya Vasudev introduces “bite-sized” wisdom from Vedanta, the ...