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  • Florence the Deer and Friends


    Florence The Deer and Friends is a whimsical journey, into teachable moments that are captivating for children of all ages, any stage of life, all around the world! Florence The Deer and Friends struggle with conflicts we all do, but together, they ...

  • Life Is Better With You In It

    A Little Book About Love And Life by

    Whether its parental, platonic, or passionate, we all experience love at some point in our lives―as well as all the ups and downs that go along with it, from blissful to agonizing. In all of its myriad forms, love has been one of the greatest ...

  • Wolf's Cry


    Orphaned on the streets of New York City, poor Barry struggles to survive. When he stumbles upon an ancient tunnel, the boy uncovers a mystic war that has raged for centuries. Despite his objections, Barry is thrown into the middle of the deadly ...

  • Circumstance

    How One Woman Defied Convention to Succeed in Business and Life by

    This memoir is the journey of a girl who found the public library and the Baptist Church in the railway town in Northern Ontario at the age of eight. The library books gave her the knowledge she needed and Jesus gave her the strength to endure the ...

  • Hometown Asylum

    A History and Memoir of Institutional Care by

    Starting in 1911, and for many years, the Alberta Hospital Ponoka, or AHP, was the largest and highest-population psychiatric institution in the Western Canadian Province of Alberta. It was also located on the outskirts of Jack Martin’s hometown, ...

  • Checkmate! A Warrior's Shine! A King's Code!


    Checkmate! A Warrior’s Shine! A King’s Code will lift readers above their struggles with self-esteem and set them on the path to abundant living. Trevor McCafferty shares the lessons he has learned throughout a lifetime of challenges and victories ...

  • The Disobedient Servant


    As a young child, Norma heard the Voice—a connection with the Holy Spirit that continues to this day. Guiding, comforting, and encouraging, the Spirit’s voice assures her of God’s constant presence, even when she feels far from Him. A witness to ...

  • Watches II

    The Armybrats by

    As the smoke clears from the bloody showdown between Mark Emerson (a.k.a. Mike Anglekee) and demented, possessed, one-eyed UPS deliveryman Stanley “Watches” Markesan at the House on the Rock Museum, everyone is relieved that the maniac is finally ...

  • The Port

    Murder and Intrigue in Churchill, Manitoba by

    It is 2012, and John Alder is a recently retired Detective Sergeant from the Toronto Police Service. Looking to the future, he applies for and accepts a position as the Security Chief at the Grain Terminal Port in Churchill, Manitoba. As John moves ...

  • Beautiful Brilliant and Brave

    An homage to girls and women around the world who choose to think for themselves; to be trailblazers and to celebrate their greatness, with no apology. by

    “THE BUILDING OF MOUNTAINS and wondrous structures becomes a whole lot easier, and extensively more sustainable, when we commit to celebrating each other’s successes, rather than expending time and energy tearing them down.”