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At FriesenPress we celebrate each and every book our authors publish. Below are a few that staff have nominated as their picks. Selections change frequently, so be sure to check back for new recommended books. And, of course, all the titles you see below are available here at the FriesenPress Bookstore. Happy reading!

Nowhere to Call Home cover

Nowhere to Call Home
Photographs and Stories of the Homeless by

“I invite you to look into the eyes of the homeless… they tell a story.” Homelessness is a serious problem throughout North America—even in Canada and the United States, two of the richest countries in the world. “We must stop this madness,” says Leah Denbok, the teenage Canadian photographer who travelled with her dad for over two years to cities throughout North America, photographing and interviewing the homeless. Leah was inspired by the story of her mother, who at three years old was rescued from the streets of Calcutta by Saint Teresa (formerly Mother Teresa). Nowhere to Call Home is a collection of gritty, black-and-white photographs and the personal stories of individuals who live on the streets. The haunting beauty of the images will stay with you, long after you turn the last page.

Alphabet Stage cover

Alphabet Stage

Alphabet Stage opens the curtain on the fascinating world of letters with a cast of entertaining characters and props. An amusing performance unfolds as each new letter adds another novel element to the drama while previously introduced letters remain onstage. This impressive work incorporates the most recent emergent literacy research to introduce the alphabet and early literacy skills to children.

Team Stryker Volume 001 cover

Team Stryker Volume 001

Team Stryker Volume 001 collects the first five issues of the ground breaking webcomic, Team Stryker. Started as a webcomic in 2012, Team Stryker focuses on the adventures of four overly American soldiers Eagleheart, Deadeye, Casanova and V-Scope. In each issue Team Stryker faces off against deadly foes such a velociraptor in a lab coat or the dreaded hipster assassins known as The Hip Squad. Pages are added weekly to which is currently on its ninth issue.

Gender Unchained cover

Gender Unchained
Notes from the equity frontier by

Equity remains elusive in contemporary global society. Gendered inequities abound and persist but are typically overlooked in our responses to difficult problems such as climate change, poverty, or economic crisis. Despite this blind spot, gender matters more than ever for achieving social and economic progress. Gender Unchained is a revelatory and tightly argued book that offers two ways forward. First, that we embrace the smashing of the gender binary and second, that we develop gender transformative approaches to solving the larger issues of our time. Inspirational and informational in equal measure, Gender Unchained is a well-reasoned call to action that examines many facets of gender inequity and offers realworld solutions for tackling it at the root.

The Little Boy From Jamaica cover

The Little Boy From Jamaica
A Canadian History Story by

To the young child holding this book in your hand. Do you believe someone just like you could become a history maker? I believe you can. Read this story and discover how Devon, a little boy from Jamaica, became a Canadian history maker. You will see that anything is possible and that dreams can come true. For Parents, Teachers and Everyone who cares for a Child There’s nothing like the inspiration to be drawn from a story of someone overcoming challenges and achieving the impossible, especially when that story involves a child. And no example sings so loudly as this one, about a little black boy growing up in rural Jamaica without electricity or indoor plumbing who would go on to become Canada’s first-ever black Chief of Police. In Devon Clunis’s inspiring tale, we find a shining illustration of how hope can lift a person above their conditions to the very height of their dreams. In the simple, welcoming language that ushers along this moving narrative, we learn about the simplicity of the life that marked Devon’s early years. When he was a little boy, Devon had no lights or power or running water in his house. Today, that same boy — now a man — holds an impressively prominent position in Canada’s law enforcement community and history. Through Devon’s story, readers will learn that hard work, help from others, and a powerful belief in yourself, are all essential elements in achieving truly spectacular things. The potential for greatness resides in all of us, just as they did little Devon. If we can each capitalize on this immense gift to the best of our abilities, think how far we can go toward making our world a better place.

Canadian Canoe Expedition cover

Canadian Canoe Expedition
5200 Miles from British Columbia to Quebec by

To celebrate Canada’s Centennial, ten men paddled a canoe from British Columbia to Quebec. They relived the challenges of “Les Vrais Voyageurs”, fishing, hunting and sleeping under the stars. They survived treacherous rapids, waterfalls and exhausting portages. Van Tamelen, the crew’s bowman, tells their story. This is a book that will leave any outdoor adventurer begging for more. “You, and all members of your crew, are deserving of our most sincere congratulations on the realization of a Centennial project of this magnitude. It is without doubt the most spectacular individual Centennial project that I have heard about in this year and, as you know, there were many extraordinary feats, indeed, accomplished. But a 5200 mile canoe trip tops them all.” Lester B. Pearson Prime Minister of Canada

I Lost My Child To Cancer cover

I Lost My Child To Cancer
A Mother's Story from Diagnosis to Healing After Loss by

In the spring of 2006, Shelly Dubois is as happy as she’s ever been. A recent move to beautiful Vancouver Island has proven to be a terrific decision. Her husband Jean is pleased with his new job, their younger daughter Aleida is adjusting well, and their eighteen-year-old, Chantal, is finishing up her twelfth grade year back in Alberta so she can graduate with her lifelong friends. Shelly has a new job too and time enough to devote herself to the music that has always filled her life with joy. But then comes the phone call that will change everything forever – Chantal has an inoperable brain tumor. Regular life ends abruptly and over the next two years begins a new, much darker life of radiation, chemotherapy, and terror over the increasingly bad news about Chantal’s health. And in the end, despite her relentless, exhausting efforts to save her daughter, a disbelieving Shelly has to watch her slip away. In the days after Chantal’s passing, Shelly slips into a netherworld of incapacitating grief, which isolates her from her husband and surviving daughter and makes everyday life unmanageable. But as time moves on, she slowly begins to discover a pathway to healing. Deeply affecting, while imbued with hope, I Lost My Child to Cancer serves as an inspiring insight into how to cope with unimaginable sorrow.

from Wah Lee to Chew Keen cover

from Wah Lee to Chew Keen
The story of a pioneer Chinese family in North Cariboo by

Who was Wah Lee? To the Keen family living in North Cariboo, B.C., Wah Lee was their forefather from China; amongst local historians, Wah Lee is the name for a general store in Quesnel, B.C. This book unravels the mystery of a name, which is also the story of a person, a business, and a family that traverses 150 years of history and crosses the Pacific from China to Canada. What unfolds is not just the history of one family, but a history of the recent past in Canada and China told through the trials and fortunes, hopes and dreams of individual family members. This is a story that can be treasured by family members, historians, and other Chinese-Canadians alike in years to come.