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At FriesenPress we celebrate each and every book our authors publish. Below are a few that staff have nominated as their picks. Selections change frequently, so be sure to check back for new recommended books. And, of course, all the titles you see below are available here at the FriesenPress Bookstore. Happy reading!

One cover


Azmia is a young girl living in a war-torn country. When terrorists close down her elementary school, she is devastated that she can no longer continue her education. Luckily, some unlikely heroes come up with a plan to save the day. One is a powerful story that will educate children while inspiring them to do what they can to make a difference. The story is entertaining and explores universal lessons that will benefit kids of all ages, such as working together and using our individual strengths for the greater good. The story is creative and unique, and could be used as teaching tool for schools and teachers. One teaches children the importance of education and encourages them to never give up hope because even someone (or something) very small can make a BIG difference! Proceeds from the sale of this book go to Battle the Bad with Beauty to help support children's right to education. To find out more visit

Holding Up the Sky cover

Holding Up the Sky
33 Paintings and their Poems by

Which comes first for you? Words or pictures? In this anthology of paintings and their poems, the artist and poet, Valerie Losell invites you to start with either and enhance your enjoyment of both. Her watercolours and pastels and the poems that deepen their meaning will challenge you to see the world with sometimes a little more "honey," sometimes more "vinegar." Holding Up The Sky celebrates moments of dignity in our human journey, reminds us of our profound bonds with the natural world and our duty to it as our home. These paintings and their poems will inspire and delight you.

Untangling Tangleville cover

Untangling Tangleville
Stepping Out! Just as Any Town Can by

In our modern age, Christianity and secularism have increasingly become estranged. As Christian denominations individually attempt to promote the survival of moral and ethical standards of the past, it seems David is facing the giant Goliath . . . a supposedly losing battle. However, the followers of Christ in Tangleville discover that working together as a Christian Coalition, the giant is not quite so formidable as first thought. In the wake of the wild success of Harry Sting's show on AM KNOW, he and an Anglican priest, Canon Dr. Barclay Stedmore, 'walk their talk' of uniting the many Christian communities of Tangleville from their disparate factions. By ‘Stepping Out’ together rather than going it alone, the Christian denominations make swift progress on the road to collaboration and unity. Secularism's once-accepted standard of normality is usurped. It all began in the first novel, Tangleville: Just About Any Town Anywhere which stirred up the need of co-operation amongst believers. This sequel picks up the whys, the hows, and the victory of winning . . . Stepping Out! Just as Any Town Can. Some of the town's residents were not amused!

Quiet cover

A Graphic Novel of Introversion by

Claire Glade is not good with people. She's shy, awkward and introverted. The only person she ever really talks to is her sister, Madison, but that's fine by her. She enjoys staying home all day, drawing and playing games. Living in the city has never been sweeter! That is, until Madison forces her to go back to school. With zero friends, zero social skills, and zero idea what she wants to do with her life, Claire now has to try and make it through college life, one day at a time. Quiet: A Graphic Novel of Introversion collects issues 1-6 of the webcomic, Quiet.

That Lucky Old Son cover

That Lucky Old Son
Re-discovering My Father Through His World War II Bomber Command and POW Experiences by

A moving work of autobiographical fiction, That Lucky Old Son takes readers on a journey of adventure, danger, and self-discovery as the author weaves his own memories with his father’s experiences in Bomber Command with No. 158 Squadron RAF during the Second World War. Writing from a child’s point of view, Mark Cote combines known facts with what he imagines his father doing from basic training through to being shot down and captured by the Germans. He poignantly communicates the terror, uncertainty, and fleeting hope felt by the crew, transporting readers back in time to 1940s Europe. Having lost his father when he was only eight years old, Cote embarks on a quest to discover the man who left him too soon, but who left behind a legacy of courage, love, and faith. That Lucky Old Son is a book that will educate, inform, move, and inspire readers of all ages.

Kopan and the Honeybees cover

Kopan and the Honeybees

In book II, “Kopan and the Honeybees,” Kopan, a lively little wood fairy is faced with an emergency situation. It appears that the beehive is about to dislodge it self from the great tree. Kopan realizes he must act quickly in order to prevent the hive from destruction which could cause the loss of the entire honey harvest. The problem is that the bees are so upset they won’t listen to him. This frantic situation calls for Kopan to keep a cool head, confront the menace and also find the bee queen. He will need her help in restoring some calm. Only Kopan with his amazing speed and quick wit could possibly challenge a problem of this magnitude. Who or what is causing the beehive to dislodge, and even more of a mystery, why? These fully illustrated books present a charming and adventurous life in the forest of the Evergreen Wood. Through a variety of situations, mishaps and discoveries, these delightful creatures explore, challenge and conquer. As they face some dangerous and even threatening problems, these forest pals find the meaning of loyalty and bravery as they face numerable circumstances and build a bond of true friendship.

Taking a Cruise on a Dusty Gravel Road cover

Taking a Cruise on a Dusty Gravel Road

“I fell upon a caravan of destiny unknown …” Taking a Cruise on a Dusty Gravel Road is a collection of personal accounts and day-to-day observations about life, love, family and nature—moments in time filtered through a poet’s senses. The sound of a revving Harley. The sweet smell of rains and morning dew. Crossroads that streak the day and night. A glimpse of past and present. “I come to that place where true love and grace make me feel like staying.” Share each personal encounter and savour the laughter, lightness and reflections on the gift of life.

The Bread Maker cover

The Bread Maker

It’s 1933 and Mabel just wants to bake bread. She leaves the cold shack she shares with her father for the warmth of her kneading table at Cameron’s store and gets caught in a snow storm, sparking events that expose the raw humanity of those around her. Loyalty and betrayal, guilt and shame, and faith and doubt collide as the dirty secrets of the bleak coal mining community throw lives into turmoil. A series of brutal attacks, a murder, and an ambitious sergeant intent on seeing someone hang, reveal a town, oppressed as much by its dreary prospects, as it is by its institutionalized corruption, sexism and racism. Mabel just wants to bake bread, but she has her own secrets to protect. The Bread Maker is a rich, beautifully told narrative that seamlessly weaves humour and tragedy into a touching story about life, love and the potential of the human spirit to overcome great odds.