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Poetry, Philosophy, Psychology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Poetics, Canadian

Written in Stone
by Mark Olynyk

What is Written in Stone?

a history of poetry / spanning a lifetime / of reflection. / a collection of poems / interwoven into a whole. / a work in progress. / a poetic testimony / made under duress. / a Tower of Babel / with a babbling brook. / a psychological profile / of the poet. / a philosophical debate. / what the poet offers / is a contradiction. / equal parts triumph and defeat. / should we care / what a psycho-philosophical / poet has to say? / who puts his trust / in introspection? / what is poetry / today ?

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MARK OLYNYK is a poet with a philosophical bent. In 1977, he published his first poem in “Left Wing.” This event set off a chain reaction of poetry; that continues to this day. His poems have appeared in anthologies and literary journals, such as: Whetstone (online), The Prairie Journal, Canadian Writer’s Journal, The Penwood Review, Peace & Freedom and Eunoia Review (online). In 1997, Mark’s first poetry chapbook, The Interior Sea, was published by the Plowman. In 2012, FriesenPress released Written in Stone; a full-length poetry book. This second edition contains all new material. Find Mark Olynyk on Facebook.


Mark Olynyk

What People are Saying

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