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Coming of Age, Young Adult, Single parent, Schooling, Family relationships, Responsibilities

Thoughts of a Fractured Soul
by Kern Carter

“Thoughts of a Fractured Soul” tells a story of family and failed potential told through the reflective voice of the main character, Corey Thomas a.k.a Ace. Through a series of non-linear digressions, some brief and some extended, Corey catalogues the crucial moments of his life as he remembers. As these insights are pieced together, you are presented with a tale that digs deep into societal behaviours and reflects the contemporary structure of the modern family.

Each day that I am fortunate enough to open my eyes, I observe, challenge, push, react, all in hopes of becoming a better writer. I hesitate to label myself as an author because anyone that publishes a book can claim that title. I am a writer; someone that lives with words and is in constant analysis of the world around me. My gift is to communicate stories through the written word; to create worlds within those pages that readers can see, touch, sense, and feel as they are guided through tales that reflect genuine life situations and perspectives.

I have taken the time to precisely craft my first public message. This is only the first step. There is still so much I have to say.


Kern Carter

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