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Directions to Easy Street
Living the Lifestyle You Deserve by Robert S. Keller

Finally. A book of contemporary facts called “DIRECTIONS TO EASY STREET” that addresses your concerns about “LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE” from the financial perspective.

Clearly, ‘the good old days’ are behind you. There is no doubt that you can no longer rely on governments, pension plans, health care systems....and money earned from your current provide a safety net when you reach the point where you can no longer physically work. In fact, it is my contention that thinking about LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE and the state of FINANCIAL FREEDOM should start with 20-Somethings, not with Boomers heading toward retirement!

It is said that there are three things in life that you must maintain in order that you do not burden society or your loved ones in your golden years: Health, Wealth and Intelligence. Miss one of those functions, and the rest of us will be paying for you for the rest of your life.

“DIRECTIONS TO EASY STREET” tells it like it is, presenting many strategies about how you can TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION and achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and leave your J.O.B. forever. Millions of people just like you are creating wealth through PASSIVE INCOME. Now its YOUR turn.

The book is an easy read: Its not rocket science to understand that YOUR future is completely in YOUR own hands. YOU can do this! With a little effort, YOU can be LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE.

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Robert S. Keller was educated in marketing and started off his career in the public sector. He says that it was a great education: learning what he didn't want to do. About 35 years ago he headed down the path of Entrepreneurship first in the advertising industry and then into careers encompassing wellness, business consulting, real estate investment, specialty printing, group cruise travel, training/coaching and mentoring and, lately, as the Host and Producer of his own radio and television shows under the name LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE. He has been happily married to a wonderful, supportive soul mate for over 25 years and has four exceptional children that keep him challenged and fully engaged in the reality of today's contemporary business and lifestyle environment. His travels to many places on this planet have kept his eyes wide open to what's working...what's not. In addition to this, over the years he has spent a good deal of his leisure time volunteering with many very worthwhile organizations including Peak Potentials, Covenant House and Habitat for Humanity International. Stepping into the eye of the storm has been his passion...almost as much as making his own wine, cruising around the world and playing golf. He bases his success in life and business, not on the money in his bank account, but on the relationships he has fostered over the years that allows him an opportunity to continue to make a difference in the lives of everyone he meets.


Robert S. Keller
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