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  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Picture, book, children, multiculturalism, Africa, chocolate, history, Ghana

The Chocolate Story
by Moji

Chances are that you like chocolate, right? But have you ever wondered where this delicious food comes from? In this colorful book, discover the author’s story of working on a cocoa plantation in Ghana, and follow the steps that cocoa takes to become the chocolate treats you know and love: from harvesting and opening pods to fermentation, sorting, and drying the beans in the sun, to roasting and much more at chocolate factories, each turn of the page offers a fascinating snapshot of how chocolate comes to be.

Moji O. has been writing for children and teenagers since her days at the Institute of Children's Literature, but has never been a published author — until now! The Chocolate Story is her debut book, and she looks forward to publishing more of her stories, especially her sequel titled Tales by the Moonlight (describing what children in Africa did after supper before television came along). She lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and works as an early childhood educator.



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