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Fiction, satire, postsecondary education, Winnipeg, wisdom, humanity, family relationships

The Gift Horse's Mouth
by Joseph Sones

When Chuck Arbour, a Winnipeg boy, graduates high school, he receives two letters in the mail that invite him to study with the elite academics in the city. He had been lately receiving significant attention due to his talent and originality in writing, but was unprepared for this introduction to the world of higher education. The young man begins to expect nothing but a smooth transition into what he believes will be the beginning of a future full of fame

and fulfilment, but instead experiences resistance from those closest to him as well as a mysterious new acquaintance. Chuck must navigate this new world while trying to understand his own fame, the motives of others, as well as what success and meaning truly are.

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Joseph Sones was born in, and lives in Winnipeg. He is currently a server at a local restaurant and is a recent graduate of Canadian Mennonite University. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and contemplating a life that revolves around farming, tight-knit

community, and sustainable living.


Joseph Sones

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