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adopted son, life of crime, broken family, murder, under arrest, friendship, mother and son

Behind Laws Lies Plenty
Markus Cormac by Chol-wdwuok

As spring continues to summer, Dolores and Markus confront new life in the Munro’s slum. And worse, when Cormac dies, Dolores turns to drinking and Markus drops from school. Life on the street takes Markus to robbery and finally, into drug syndicate. Motherhood takes Dolores to killing men she once took the likings and ends up drowned in Altantic Ocean.

"Compelling story of mixed motherhood and infertility that hurts, much less kills,"


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Chol-wdwuok is an author born in Jonglei State, South Sudan. As a boy, he moved Kenya to pursue education, where he attended the Kakuma Refugee Schools and later earned a Jesuit Refugee Scholarship to the Katilu Boys Secondary School.

After his high school studies, he then applied to and was accepted into the World University Services of Canada scholarship and attended the UBC, where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics.

He is also the author of Angels in Swollen Crises: Stepmother & Of Rags and Grades: Struggle.

He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he works and writes.


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