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Politics fiction, Fantasy world, Dragons, Speak with animals, Balance of power, War fiction, Diplomacy fiction

Argent Lord
by Keith Braun

Book two of the Eldar Chronicles continues to follow the transformation of Dareth Hornbow’s emergence as an Eldar. New challenges that await our still overwhelmed hero, include dealing with pirates, intervention in a civil war, and discovering the need to re-write the entire history of the western worlds while preparing for an epic encounter with a rogue creature out of the dim recesses of time. If those were not challenges enough, Dareth must simultaneously deal with the sublimation of his old identity as the Lord Argent increasingly dominates his being. Even if Lord Argent survives the epic struggle he must prepare for, will Dareth?

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Keith Braun lives in Steinbach, Manitoba with his wife Carol and their schnauzer, Oscar. His previous books include Napoleon’s Gold & Poseidon’s Gambit, historical fictions set during the Peace of Amiens, in the Napoleonic period, and Geraldine’s Dream, a fast paced action & suspense novel set in modern day. The Listener, Keith’s latest book, pre-dates Argent Lord and provides the background to the ongoing saga of the Eldar Chronicles. For more information about Keith, his passions, and his books, visit


Keith Braun

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