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education, school leadership, restorative justice, discipline, elementary school, high school, Ontario education

The Restorative Principal
Leading in Education with Restorative Practices by Stephen Young

In The Restorative Principal, teacher and principal Stephen Young explores the basic tenets of restorative practices and how he uses them to create positive school climates; build relationships between staff, students, parents and the community; address disciplinary issues; and provide leadership that is fair, supportive, equitable, and inclusive of all. Humourous, and at times controversial, true stories from his own career will engage fellow educators who are striving to develop an authoritative, rather than authoritarian, approach to working with others.

Mr. Young reviews the more common approaches of the past to classroom management, and he outlines the history of restorative practices in education, sharing practical examples and suggestions for readers—from think sheets to circle questions. Engaging and relevant, The Restorative Principal is an essential resource for all school leaders.

Stephen Young has worked as an elementary school teacher and leader for more than thirty years, serving the last sixteen in the role of Principal. He is a licensed trainer in Restorative Practices Basics and Formal Conferencing through the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP). Mr. Young has facilitated training and conferences for hundreds of teachers over the past fifteen years. He graduated with his Masters in Restorative Practices from the IIRP Graduate School in 2015 and has worked as a Restorative Justice conference facilitator in the Ontario Youth Justice System. He is also trained in Community Mediation and is actively involved in supporting community justice alternatives locally and beyond.

Mr. Young lives in Cannington, Ontario, with his wife, Brenda. They are the proud parents to three children who are all successfully pursuing their own chosen professions Together, Stephen and Brenda have great fun travelling to dog shows with their Cairn Terrier, Macallan (Macky).


Stephen Young

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